• June 16, 2024

More Mistakes As Another Election Audit Shows Staggering Miscounts!

Everywhere you look election audits are finding major issues in the counting of the 2020 Presidential election questioning a fair and honest procedure.

The latest discrepancy comes from New Hampshire where they discovered an issue known as a “fold” effect.

It was determined that something as simple as fold lines in ballots are being determined by the machines as votes and can drastically alter the overall count.

Even more these machines causing these overvotes were used on Election Day!

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The fold effect is large enough to account for discrepancies, but might not be all that’s going on. 75 folded ballots voted straight Republican. Only 48 votes recorded for them. Folds generated overvotes. This is machine used on Election Day 4 most absentee ballots #NHPolitics pic.twitter.com/ykTm5t8pDG

— WindhamNHAuditors (@WAuditors) May 22, 2021

“One machine was found to have “an even more dramatic problem” by the auditors, who said that only 28 percent of the votes for Republican candidates were counted.”

The audit team deemed it likely there are more issues beyond just folding ballots in these machines which begs the question, just how incorrect was the overall counting on Election night?

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