• April 13, 2024

Nancy Pelosi CAUGHT Threatening Supreme Court Justices…

Mainstream media which are mostly under the influence of left-wingers has been heralding Nancy as the “savior of Ukraine” for her brave decision to go to said country and meet with their president.

Do not fear, Ukraine, Nancy’s here. For those wondering, this is the face of someone who will strike fear into our enemies.

Her surprise visit became the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Ukraine since Russia invaded in February.

Of course, despite her busy schedule dealing with the Russia/Ukraine crisis, she still has time to meddle in domestic affairs.

According to WLT, she tried intimidating burley Russians on the front lines to hop onto MSNBC to weigh in on the leaked Supreme Court documents about Roe V. Wade. 

More details of the interview from the Trending Politics report:

Nancy Pelosi is threatening Supreme Court Justices with an escalating public pressure campaign to influence the court after a draft majority opinion leaked indicating it would overturn landmark abortion decisions Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

On Friday, the Speaker of the House appeared on MSNBC with host Nicolle Wallace. Pelosi hinted to radical protesters that they should mobilize ‘public sentiment’ to influence the court.

“We have to be have the clarity in what this draft decision means, so that what the final decision doesn’t go that far,” Pelosi said.

“The chief justice has said, this is, this is authentic, but it is not final,” she went on. “I don’t know if he is word authentic. It’s real, but not final.”

“So again, Lincoln said public sentiment is everything with it,” she continued. “You can accomplish almost anything — without it, nothing — and women just have to weigh in.”

“I don’t think there’s a good outcome here, but I think there’s a better outcome than what we have seen in the first draft, which is radical,” she added.

Speaker Pelosi’s words come in the aftermath of heated protests at the Supreme Court building, which spurred the court’s officers to erect barricades and high fencing to maintain the court’s security.

WLT further commented, “In watching the video, it’s clear that her statements, in the context of everything going on, is reckless and potentially dangerous. In fact, it could be taken by those looking to cause trouble as justification to do so. And that is the issue at play here, words, especially those of a ranking member in Congress carry tremendous weight.”

Please see below the shared screenshot of the law by Mike Davis, a former law clerk for the Supreme Court nomination committee on Twitter:

You have to understand that we need to uphold the rule of law in accordance with the Constitution. You might be allowed to protest and sway the opinion of the executive and legislative branches of government.

However the Supreme Court, the judicial branch is off-limits.

Of course, it doesn’t fit Nancy’s agenda, so as usual, she is promoting unlawful behavior.

You can catch the clip of Nancy’s troubling statements here:

Good thing we have conservative Justices in place that will not be intimidated by these reckless acts of the radical left.

And Justice Thomas has already released a statement regarding this unfolding situation.

Sources: WLT, Trending Politics

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