• June 16, 2024

New Investigation May Have Finally Uncovered D.B. Cooper Identity…

An investigator actively engaged in unraveling the mystery surrounding the infamous plane hijacker D.B. Cooper claims to have identified a “compelling person of interest.”

Eric Ulis, renowned for his role on “History’s Greatest Mysteries,” has invested countless hours delving into the enigma of D.B. Cooper, who, in 1971, orchestrated a plane hijacking, threatened to detonate a commercial jet, extorted $200,000 in ransom, parachuted from the aircraft, and subsequently vanished without a trace.

Ulis now asserts that he has stumbled upon a significant clue that may lead to uncovering Cooper’s true identity, as reported by Fox News.

During the hijacking, Cooper introduced himself as “Dan,” but due to a misinterpretation by a reporter from the Oregon Journal, the name was mistakenly reported as “D.B.,” giving rise to the enduring pseudonym. Despite this, authorities have consistently treated “Dan Cooper” as a likely alias.

Ulis’s breakthrough centers on one of the scant pieces of evidence left behind by Cooper – a clip-on tie. According to Ulis, the tie, potentially purchased for $1.49 from JCPenney, has undergone previous analyses. However, Ulis contends that microscopic particles extracted from the tie could hold the key to unraveling the identity of the individual who hijacked Northwest Orient Airlines flight 305.

Describing the methodology, Ulis explained to Fox News, “He applied these sticky stubs, they’re like little carbon circles that he could apply to portions of the tie and then when you pull them off, you’re pulling off some of the particles from the tie. You apply modern state-of-the-art technology to it, things they didn’t have back in 1971 when this occurred. It tells a story.”

By utilizing these particles and consulting U.S. patents, Ulis traced three fragments to a steel plant in Pennsylvania known as Crucible Steel. Ulis noted, “Headquartered in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, a significant subcontractor all throughout the 1960s. It supplied the lion’s share of titanium and stainless steel for Boeing’s aircraft.”

Ulis suggests that this evidence implies Cooper possessed knowledge of Boeing 727 aircraft, the same type he hijacked. Additionally, Cooper appeared to be familiar with Seattle, Washington, where the plane was scheduled to land. Crucible Steel workers allegedly frequented Seattle to visit Boeing, which had contracted the company.

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