• November 30, 2023

Newt Gingrich Went LIVE And Dropped A Truth Bomb!

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich made an apperance on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures show with Maria Bartiromo.

Gingrich last appearance in Fox News was a disaster because he was being silenced by the leadership and hosts at Fox News. Why? Because he truthfully mentioned the “Verboten” name of George Soros, whos sole mission in life seems to be the destruction of The West:

Watch it here: Raw Story/Youtube

The former speaker of The House was grotesquely censored by Fox News during that interview, as though any criticism of the anti-American Soros was somehow anti-Semetic.

Going back to his latest appearance in Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Gingrich made a very bold statement during thier conversation that will upset Jake Tapper, CNN and the far-left tech giants telling the FOX News host the election was stolen in several swing states.

Among other topics during the conversation, Gingrich made some stunning statements about the 2020 election that most establishment politicians refuse to say or even acknowledge in 2021.

Watch it here (Sunday Morning Futures Interview): Rumble/Fox News

Sources: 100percentfedup, The GateWay Pundit

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