• June 21, 2024

What One Farmer Found On His Property Thanks To Biden Is Just Ghastly!

If we are to believe the liberals, there was a groundswell of support to elect Joe Biden President of the United States because everyone hated President Trump. Well, unfortunately, Biden has not been that good of a president so far. Take the U.S.-Mexican border as one example. There have been over 19,000 unaccompanied children that have entered the U.S. from the southern border, and it continues to reach all-time monthly highs. The Biden Administration has had to house these children in convention centers, military bases, and even camps for oil field workers.

What in the world happened to the “compassionate” party that we as Trump supporters heard so much about when Sleepy Joe was campaigning in his basement? Indeed, the Biden team continues to conveniently cover up the fact that Trump did more to stop the flow of human trafficking on the border than any other U.S. president in the history of our country.

Another question for you all….where’s Kamala? She was supposed to be the one leading this problem, but she seems to be neglecting her duties, to say the very least.

Since Biden took over, there have been countless reports of off-duty border agents coming across children walking by themselves on the road in remote areas of Texas. Additionally, these children are not afraid of the border agents at all; they will go up to them and ask them for help because they are scared. One particular boy approached a border guard, began sobbing, and said that he had been traveling with his parents but then he had been “left to fend for himself.” His story is not unique, folks. Welcome to Biden’s America, folks. Do you still think that we shouldn’t build that wall?

Well, one U.S. farmer who has worked this land his whole entire life seems to think so, that is for sure.

Jimmy Hobbs is 75 years old, and he continues to work and live on the same land for his whole entire life, and he said that the crisis is about the worst he has seen it. It was last Sunday that this Texas farmer found something TRULY GHASTLY, which was five abandoned girls from Guatemala and Honduras on his land. They were crying, they were hungry, and they were scared. All of these girls were under the age of seven, and they were trying to get into the United States all by themselves. Indeed, one was so young that she was crawling, and there was even a two-year-old girl. A girl that age is supposed to be going to preschool and daycare, not walking and starving half-to-death alone in a pasture somewhere!

This 75-year-old farmer’s name was Jimmy Hobbs, and he and his wife gave an interview to Texas U.S. Representative Jimmy Hobbs regarding the situation. They posted their interview on Twitter in an effort to campaign for tighter border control. Gonzalez and Hobbs shared a disturbing photograph where the girls were laying in the dirt. “These were children dumped out on the side of the road,” the disgusted farmer said. “We have the wives of one of our workers taking care of them. If this don’t make you want to take to the streets, I don’t know what will. These little kids do not have a mother, a father, nothing.”

The farmer was upset at President Biden for turning a blind eye to this crisis, and he said that it’s only going to get worse if the Biden-Harris continues to pretend like nothing is wrong. s

What do you think about this brave farmer speaking out about this crisis in the country and on his property? Do you agree with him that this is a serious problem? Your comments are appreciated.

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