• June 22, 2024

Nobody Saw It Coming: Nikki Haley Just Suffered A Political Defeat That’s Beyond Embarrassing

In a stunning display of political prowess, Nikki Haley, the former ambassador to the United Nations, managed to achieve the unthinkable in the recent GOP primary in Nevada — she lost by approximately 30 points to, well, ‘nobody.’ Yes, you read that right, not a soul, not a candidate, but ‘nobody.’

Haley’s misadventures began with her optimistic promises after the New Hampshire debacle, where she suffered an 11-point defeat. Undeterred, she boldly declared, “This race is far from over.” However, the harsh reality hit when Nevada came into play, revealing the absurdities of her quixotic pursuit.

The state, known for its electoral quirks, hosted a primary with no delegates at stake, thanks to a state-mandated primary passed by Democratic legislators in 2021. However, the party-run caucuses, which do award delegates, were scheduled for Thursday, and Haley chose not to participate.

Surprisingly, the Las Vegas Review-Journal found anti-Trump sentiments among voters who believed the caucus process had been rigged for Trump. Meanwhile, Haley’s opposition in the caucuses, long-shot candidate Ryan Binkley, with a name that sounds like a magical cartoon bear, offered some levity to the otherwise lackluster primary.

Despite former Vice President Mike Pence and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott appearing on the ballot due to previous plans before suspending their campaigns, it was abundantly clear that Haley was essentially running against nobody. The Nevada Republican Party Chairman even cheekily congratulated “none of the above” for the win.

The Review-Journal highlighted the sentiments of voters accusing the party of rigging the caucuses for Trump, with some participating in the primary merely to express support for Haley, knowing she would not receive delegates.

In a masterstroke of sarcasm, 77-year-old voter Roger Smith declared, “I’ll vote for anybody but Mr. Trump,” lamenting that the Republican Party had become a small group of people following a demagogue.

The irony reached its peak when, in a race with no delegates at stake, Trump not even on the ballot, and Trump himself dismissing the significance of the primary, Haley lost by a resounding 30 points. This raises the question of whether those voting for “nobody” were subtly expressing their preference for Trump.

As for Haley’s optimism about her “sweet state of South Carolina,” the polling aggregate suggests she’s running against somebody there — Trump — and not faring much better. With Trump leading by 27 points, it seems that Haley’s gamble in Nevada, where she lost to ‘none of these candidates,’ might be a sign to stop rolling the dice.

In a state synonymous with casinos, where the former ambassador managed to lose to “none of these candidates,” perhaps it’s time for Haley to heed Kenny Rogers’ timeless advice: “Know when to fold ’em.” After all, even in the high-stakes world of politics, losing to ‘nobody’ is a remarkable feat.

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