• July 25, 2024

NYC Mayor Ready To House Illegal Immigrants In Central Park….

Mayor Eric Adams is reportedly considering hosting illegal immigrants in tents in Central Park because the city is so overrun with them.

A tent colony in the biggest park in the city? What possibly could go wrong?

New York, you decided to do this. Enjoy.

NBC News in New York reports:

Central Park among NYC areas considered to house migrants: ‘Everything is on the table’

Hundreds of asylum seekers remain in place outside of the city’s arrival intake center, where many have waited for days in wait of a place to sleep — if there is one available.

Many of the migrants sleeping on the streets of midtown in front of the Roosevelt Hotel on East 45th Street and Madison Avenue, most of whom are single men, say their spot in line has not moved forward as New York City officials look at every possible option to house the new arrivals.

Time has stood still for men like Jose Gregorio, who was waiting in the same spot on Wednesday where News 4 found him two days earlier.

“I was here almost 24 hours ago, and the line hasn’t grown up. It’s the same amount of people for the past 24 hours, so it seems like they’re keeping these people for whatever reason,” he said.

Officials at City Hall confirmed migrants could soon be living up in other iconic areas of the city, including places like Central Park.

“Everything is on the table,” NYC Deputy Mayor Anne Williams-Isom said Wednesday. “As of July 30, we have 107,900 people in our care, including 56,600 asylum seekers. Over 95,600 people have come through our system since last spring.”

This has ‘bad idea’ written all over it.

Before things get better, they’re going to get a lot worse.

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