• June 19, 2024

One Nation Has Had Enough of the Woke Agenda and Its Pushback Has Liberals Enraged

Italy is making policy changes that have liberals hotter than a pizza oven.

In 2022, the country elected Giorgia Meloni, a.k.a “female Donald Trump” — a conservative who rose to power on a platform centered around staunch nationalism and traditional family values.

As the leader of the right-wing “Fratelli d’Italia” party, Meloni garnered support from a coalition of right-wing parties leading to the formation of the most right-wing government the country has seen in decades, as reported by CNN.

With her hard-right stance on immigration, Meloni promised to block migrant ships and prioritize Italian interests above all else.

While many conservatives viewed her as a strong leader capable of navigating Italy out of economic challenges and high youth unemployment, liberals within Italy and the European Union were panicking over the potential implications of this right turn in the nation.

And, turns out, they had reason to panic.

Italy has made some conservative (read as sensible) policy changes in recent months that should be at least partly attributed to a government that stands for traditional, religious and family values.

According to Newsweek, just weeks after the Miss Netherlands competition crowned their first transgender winner, Italy declared that Miss Italy contestants “must be a woman from birth.”

The organizers of the Miss Italy contest have prohibited transgender ‘women’ from competing. The competition’s patron emphasized that all candidates “must be a woman from birth”.

Miss Italy Official Patron Patrizia Mirigliani said in an interview that the competition had “foreseen in its regulation the clarification according to which one must be a woman from birth,” according to a translation provided by Newsweek.

If clarifying that you need to be an actual woman to participate in a woman’s beauty contest wasn’t enough to get liberals to start pulling their extensions out, the journey rightward hasn’t stopped there.

According to CNN, the city of Padua in northern Italy has started removing the names of non-biological lesbian mothers from their children’s birth certificates due to new legislation enacted by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s “traditional family-first” government.

The new legislation states that only the biological mother’s name can be on the birth certificate.

The measure also prevents men in same-sex relationships from registering their child’s birth with both fathers’ names. Instead, they are required to select only one of them to be recognized as the legal father.

Since taking office in October, Meloni has made clear her intention to ensure “all babies are born from a man and a woman,” CNN reported.

And it’s not just women and babies; the Italian government wants to ensure that Italian food is all-natural too.

Forbes reports that the Italian government has thrown its support behind a proposed bill aiming to outlaw the sale of lab-grown meat and synthetic foods, citing the preservation of Italian culinary heritage as its primary motivation. If the bill becomes law, those found in violation could be subjected to hefty fines of up to €60,000 ($65,017).

Advocates, backed by Meloni herself, have rallied for the protection of “natural food versus synthetic food,” successfully amassing half a million signatures.

Meloni’s administration has also banned insect-derived flour in pizza and pasta, citing the government’s emphasis on “defending excellence” and “defending consumers.”

Real women, real families and real pizza.

Italy is starting to sound “molto bene” to a lot of Americans.


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