• June 16, 2024

People Noticed Something Shocking About This Victoria’s Secret Photo Shoot, Look Closer [PHOTOS]

Victoria’s Secret models get a fair amount of attention from time to time, but the latest viral photo of four bikini-clad models is capturing people’s attention for all the wrong reasons.

In the picture, the four lingerie models — including superstars Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio — stand together on a beach in white swimsuits, grinning and smoldering at the camera, notes the Daily Star.

Their windblown hair, natural-style makeup and toned, thin bodies look as stunning as ever, but there’s one tiny detail about the photo that is making people wonder if there was a Photoshop goof of epic proportions or perhaps just a confusing optical illusion.

Take a close look at the beautiful women. Do you see anything unusual about one of them?


“A little unsettling,” the original poster captioned the Imgur image, which more than 408,800 people have viewed.

Many viewers said Karolina Kurkov, the blonde model standing second from the left, looks like she does not have a belly button.

“Not innie, not outie, Noughty,” commented one person.

Another speculated that she was missing her “belly button from her last tummy tuck.”

Kurkova’s missing belly button might seem like a bad Photoshop mistake, but that part of the image was not significantly retouched.

The supermodel does have a belly button, but it just isn not pronounced like most people, notes the New York Daily News.


“It’s not accurate to say that someone just does not have a belly button,” Mount Sinai Medical Center plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman told the Daily News.

Photo editors have had their hands full over the years with the Czech model’s unique stomach — it has been retouched before to make it appear like she has a more typical “innie” look. However, the truth is that the appearance of it hasn’t changed much since long before she began her modeling career, her rep explained.

“She had an operation when she was an infant,” said the rep. “It’s a fact and just thank God she’s healthy.”

Schulman guessed that Kurkova likely had an umbilical hernia when she was young. The condition happens fairly often in infants and causes part of the intestine to poke through the abdominal muscle. Schulman said that it “can distort the belly button,” whether it is operated on or not.

“Most people have them fixed, because you should have any hernias fixed,” he added.

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