• April 15, 2024

Was Donald Trump Just Filmed Inside The White House?

Over the weeks, there has been a lot of speculation that President Trump would be returning to the White House. Yes, of course, it does seem farfetched and I am not one to completely buy into every single theory floating around, but with the election results being challenged anything is possible.

Now, there is a video that has surfaced that appears to show that Trump was on the grounds of the White House and that has my antenna up.

The video was taken by a woman who goes by the pen name “Nancy Drew” since she is always sleuthing around in D.C. taking videos.

I am sure Ms. Drew has shot a lot of films but nothing as big as the one she seemed to catch on camera Friday afternoon.

Drew asserts that she captured what appears to be Trump and Melania on the White House lawn.

If you are one to believe the official story of Trump and his loss last November to bumbling Biden you would say that he should not be there.

However, that is if you believe the mainstream media that he lost.

Here’s what she posted about the video:

Ok, guys. So this video, was taken right after my live this morning at the WH. In my live, I noticed them having their pics taken, and thought Id shut down, just in case, for privacy. This was about 20 min, or so, before my live of the motorcade. Ima need, a little help here, I think. Watcha think? Did, a sista, accidentally get hooked up, today?Kinda appears as if its Daddy T, and that gorgeous, Melania ??

That motorcade, would be very fitting, to happen, right after this. Oh, please, let it be them??


I have watched the video and zoomed in and it really does look like Trump.

The mannerisms and even the way this person carries himself.

The woman in the stunning red suit also appears to look just like Melania to me as well.

That of course, is just my thoughts but I want you to take a look at the video and tell me if you think it looks like the couple?

Also, if it is the Trump family, what are they doing there?

However, if it is not Trump and Melania what does this mean, and what is going on? That would for sure mean something much more sinister is happening and that is even more terrifying.

Take a look and tell me what you think in the comments below!


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