• September 23, 2023

Police Are Looking For Her After She POOPED On A Pile Of Wigs……

A black woman, nicknamed “poopetrator”, has been dubbed as “public enemy number 2” by the Wichita Police Department after she was caught pooping in the aisle of a beauty supply store. The Poopetrator’s action has caused significant damage to nearly 8 wigs kept in the store.

The police department in Wichita, Kansas recently investigated a case wherein a woman was captured on camera pooping on cosmetic store merchandise. In fact, Wichita police turned to social media and published photos of the woman who they believe destroyed eight wigs at the store.

“We’re trying to identify the pictured female, who on May 10th entered a Beauty Supply store in the 2200 block of E. 21st Street and defecated in the middle of the aisle.”

Authorities said the woman defecated “in the middle of the aisle” at Mid-K Beauty Supply, where the wigs were placed. According to authorities, the feces was large enough that eight wigs were damaged as a result. The police department has identified the “poopetrator” and criminal proceedings have started.

The event was captured on the CCTV camera of the beauty business. As the police department released the evidence, they compared it to the testimony of Johnny Depp’s chauffeur and security guard, Starling Jenkins III, who testified in court on April 28 that Jhonny Depp’s ex Amber Heard had left a “surprise” in her and Depp’s bed following a quarrel in 2016. Jenkins claimed that Heard told him the defecation was a “horrible practical joke gone wrong” when he was driving from the Coachella festival in California.

Now, did the woman just need to break one off and couldn’t hold it like the homeless guy in New York City who just needed to let it fly? Or was this blatant criminal mischief that will require a jury to watch the woman blast one loose on those wigs?

Soon after the post was made on the social media pages, users started making memes about the incident. Many even related it to the ongoing trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard wherein Depp accused Heard of pooping on her bed.

Making fun of the situation, WPD commented, “We’ve already confirmed that this is NOT Amber Heard so please stop calling and emailing that info,” on its FB post.

“Wichita wig pooper “yo Amber, hold my beer” Kansas cops hunt female ‘poopetrator’ who ‘defecated on eight wigs'” tweeted a user.

“Surveillance cams show serial vandal defecated in two Korean-owned beauty supply stores in Wichita KS this month,” read another tweet.

“Sure she didn’t just bring her own mud pack?” read a post, “The woman pooped in the aisles of TWO different Mid-K Beauty Supply stores in Wichita during the same week! No one yet knows why she did it, but clearly she has some beef with the retailer,” expressed a user.

Source: AWM

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