• July 17, 2024

Republicans Just Used The Democrat Playbook Against Them!

Ask most regular Americans about the state of American politics, and they will tell you that most of the time the Democrats will do anything-including playing dirty-to get their way. On the other hand, the Republicans will usually try to play “fair” and do the “honorable” thing even if they end up losing more elections than they win.

However, many in the GOP are starting to see the writing on the wall, so things might be changing very soon. As members of the GOP deal with the aftermath of 2020, they have decided that the only way they will ever prevail is through fighting fire with fire. Thus, they are now pulling out all of the stops and they will be using the left’s playbook against them.

According to Fox News:

“There is a new conservative opposition research group that is quickly becoming known for using unorthodox, controversial, and heavy-handed tactics to attempt to throw a “big handful of sand” in the gears of the Biden team. However, when pressed about these tactics, they claim they are simply doing what the Left has done successfully for years.”

“This group was only set up in March, but it has already made plenty of headlines,” Fox News continued. “They are taking guerrilla-style tactics where their members are infiltrating a Zoom training for congressional staffers on the best way to use earmarks. Additionally, they even leaked video showing an individual saying that steering an earmark to a campaign donor would definitely “look kind of bad”, but it would usually be allowed under current House rules. Along these same lines, there was yet another case where they used phony identities in order to record Zoom meetings where Democrats openly admit that they had always pushed earmarks along with plenty of other shady tactics. To say that this ticked the left off would be an understatement.

The group, which is called the American Accountability Foundation, also provided transcripts to Fox News that revealed some dirt on one of Joe Biden’s nominees. Apparently, his appointment for the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division once organized a conference that aided violent criminals, cop killers, and anti-government activists.

Mercy. They’re hitting them where it hurts.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard of conservative groups doing something like this. Steven Crowder became well-known for exposing an ANTIFA group that considered using firearms to disrupt a conservative gathering. Project Veritas is known for showing undercover that demonstrates just how underhanded the left’s agenda can be.

It seems that conservatives are starting to wake up to the damage they do when they fight fire with fire regarding the playbook. No more Ned Flanders for these guys! It’s about time.

What do you think about the new brutal strategies of this newly-formed conservative group? As always, your comments would be appreciated!



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