• June 22, 2024

One Simple Thing Will Make Dems Lose The Majority In 2022!

In November of 2020, the Democrats supposedly took back the White House. However, one thing that they didn’t do was retain a healthy majority in the House of Representatives. That, my friends, was scaled back to just a handful of votes. The GOP is now aggressively working to take the House back, and there is at least one factor that will help them do just that. This issue is going to hurt the Democrats significantly.


The Democrats are facing a number of retirements during these mid-term elections. According to PJ Media:


“There are several factors at play regarding the wave of Democratic retirements in the House now that Republicans are looking to flip the chamber in 2022. First of all, the census is going to give deep-red Texas and Florida another congressional district. GOP-dominated state legislatures are going to have the ability to redraw their maps, making districts that were already red even redder. What are we going to do when two Democrats are being forced to vie for the same House seat?”


PJ Media continued:


Of course, Democrats will also get another chance to make some of their reliably blue districts bluer, such as in California, Illinois, and New York. Thus, any bellyaching they do could be a bit subdued. Of course, they might claim racism when the GOP redraws districts in the deep south. Either way, there’s no escaping the fact that many Democratic members of Congress have to look at it. Chances are they are going to lose control of Congress to the GOP unless they shoot themselves in the foot.


Considering that there is going to be a wave of retirements from Democrat leaders in marginal districts, there will be a record number of open seats for the GOP to take a shot at. Many of these House members are going to retire because they want opportunities in the private sector. Still, some are retiring because they want to seek even higher office. Either way, the GOP has just as good a chance as any to re-take the House and Senate. Plus, that redistricting has proven to be the bane of the Democrats’ existence and it’s definitely something they always complain about! However, we in the GOP will take whatever advantage we can get since Republicans are the only party that seem to be fighting for our rights!



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