• June 12, 2024

Right After A Little Boy Whispered His Final Words, His Mother Ended Up In Handcuffs…

In the chilling hours of an early Sunday morning, 11-year-old Bruce Johnson Jr. suffered a horrifying and tragic death due to multiple stab wounds. In his final moments, the young victim managed to reveal the identity of his attacker to the authorities. The shocking revelation led to the arrest of his own mother for his brutal murder. Bruce was attacked in his bed at his father’s New Mexico residence but managed to alert the authorities to his assailant right before succumbing to his injuries.

Bruce Johnson Sr. woke up to the heart-wrenching screams of his son and found the boy bleeding profusely in his bed. The family resided in Hobbs, New Mexico. Upon discovering his son’s condition, the father immediately called 911 and reported the gruesome scene.

He also informed the authorities that he had found the boy’s estranged mother, Mary Johnson, unconscious in another room, apparently suffering from a “self-inflicted” stab wound to her chest.

Paramedics rushed to the scene, arriving at the New Mexico home around 1 am. They quickly transported both Mary and her son to a nearby hospital. Tragically, the young victim succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at 4:19 am that same morning.

Mary’s condition, however, stabilized. Since her son had managed to inform the authorities of her involvement in his stabbing, she was arrested on a charge of first-degree murder. She was then transferred to another hospital in Lubbock, Texas.

According to the Lea County Sheriff’s Office:

“Mr. Johnson told deputies that he was asleep when he heard his son screaming. He found his son in his room, lying on the bed suffering from stab wounds. He went to call 911 when he discovered Mary was also stabbed, but she was unconscious in another room. Mary suffered self-inflicted stab wounds to her chest. Bruce Jr. was conscious upon arriving at the hospital, where he spoke with the investigator, advising his mom, Mary, had stabbed him.”

Bruce Sr. had moved to New Mexico from Oklahoma to protect his son from his estranged mother, who was allegedly struggling with mental health issues and had reportedly abused her young son. At least two incidents of abuse between the mother and son had been reported.

Mary Johnson was active on social media, sharing bizarre messages. On June 8, 2022, she posted from Kinston, Oklahoma, stating, “Get your God degree to become a God! All you need to do is belief in yourself, respect others, and spread kindness.”

In another strange social media outburst, she wrote:

“My son and I discovered he can hear every f***** thing that I’m thinking. I don’t like this God! My son does not need to be listening to me talking to you! Any other mothers have this problem, or do I fall in that 2% category again? This is why I don’t want kids! They don’t give me freedom. I’m heard writing, thinking, reading, sleeping … Who wants to be Mother God?”

Prior to the murder, Mary had been separated from her son for about forty days. Desperate to see her child, Bruce Sr. allowed Mary to visit them in New Mexico as their divorce proceeded. It was during this visit that the heinous attack took place.

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