• June 12, 2024

RINO Kinzinger Tried To Land A Shot On A Patriot UFC Fighter And Got Knocked Out!

Nothing beats this patriotic MMA fighter from Arkansas who recently went viral with his perfect response about the war in Ukraine.

In the now-viral video of UFC fighter, Bryce Mitchell wherein ESPN tried to ask for his opinion on the ongoing war in Ukraine, Mitchell gave them the best response of why he would never “fight” for Ukraine.

And in case you haven’t seen it, below is the viral interview of UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell:

Mitchell was right, America should be focusing on its borders first before trying to help anyone else with theirs. Peace through strength, no more “forever wars,” and focusing on America’s internal problems should be the government’s priority.

This is the America First/anti-war mantra that MAGA is all about. But this globalist neocon establishment shill Adam Kinzinger fully disagrees with this belief.

Adam is all about forever wars, nation-building, and lining the pockets of all the defense contractors, no matter what the cost.

While we are busy mingling with an unending war in Ukraine and spend billions of taxpayer money to finance the ongoing war, our borders are wide open, and Chicago and other liberal cities are literal “war zones” that everyone ignores.

So, when this amazing UFC fighter, Bryce Mitchell, appeared on Tucker’s show to talk about his viral video, Adam Kinzinger got his RINO nose all out of joint.

Here’s the Tucker clip that made little crybaby Kinzinger so butt-hurt:

One of the most unpopular RINOs on the planet, Adam, thought it’d be a good idea to call out the very popular Bryce and Tucker in a couple of tweets, and the backlash against him was swift and harsh.

Here’s what RINO Adam said:

“Oh my Lord. This is America. By the way “I’ll fight when the war comes to Arkansas…” WHAT?? The WW2 generation would love to slap him I’m sure. Way to go @TuckerCarlson. This is a new way to support Putin without being so obvious”

“Side note to this kid, please just stay here and entertain. Nobody is asking you to fight for your country. There are far braver men and women that will do that, even in Arkansas”

Adam also got his history wrong… They dragged America into WW2 after we were attacked at home.

It’s called “Pearl Harbor,” you idiot.

Here’s what folks online had to say to Adam, note, they showed Adam no mercy.:

“Why don’t you go slap him and see what happens?”

“Attack on Pearl Harbor got us into WW2. Effing idiot”

“This pos is a (failed) congressman, and yet he knows very little about the history of WW2.. ?‍♂️ Does he know that America was against getting into WW2? We didn’t even join until we were attacked! Literally the scenario “

“Please go enlist in a foreign legion in Ukraine. Sick of your shit”

“Adam is upset he won’t sacrifice his life on behalf of warmongering cowards.”

“The US had an isolationist approach to WWII. The country had no plans to be involved, short of helping GB. The attack on Pearl Harbor forced our hand. Kinzinger should know this. It’s all taught by the US public school system. Did Adam attend high school? Did he pass? Yikes.”

“We’d like to slap you”

“I know you love to send more young Americans to their deaths but we’re not gonna let you.”

“Hey Adam, why don’t you go over to Ukraine and fight? I’m sure they could use tough “men” like you. Why don’t we send your son?”

“This guy is PURE scum.”

“Only a absolute fool could think that nuclear superpowers ought to be engaged in a hot war. People like @AdamKinzinger will only ensure that your children will starve to death if they don’t first get their flesh melted from their bones. #Ukraine️”

“Adam, I am serious when I say this! You need counseling with someone so bad! You are a VERY UNHAPPY man who loves war too much! Turn to the Lord for your insecurity. It makes a difference. Please.”

“How dare you look down on Patriotic Americans who have the right to question the eagerness of warmongers who love to protect everyone’s borders BUT OUR OWN.”

“The smugness of this little prick I would love for him to step in the octagon with Bryce Mitchell” 

“Why are you so eager to send Americans to go die? Also there was a very significant event that happened which forced america into the war you f**kface dipshit”

“U.S. Congressman appears to forget about Pearl Harbor”

“10 million of our 16 million military soldiers were drafted, you drama queen.”

“I wish there was a way to force you to run again so you could see just how much your own state hates you.”

“Everyone would love to slap you Adam, regardless of their age”

“Our country literally got into WW2 when the war came to America you moron.”

“The WW2 generation was very very anti-war until the war came to Hawaii. Both candidates – which included FDR, obviously – campaigned in 1940 by promising that they would keep us out of a war that didn’t concern us. Read some history, Adam” 

“his is you deflecting and attacking a kid with valid questions and concerns. You f**king war-mongering freak-show crybaby cuck.”

Source: WayneDupree

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