• June 15, 2024

Robot Dogs Have Joined A Liberal City’s Police Force, Here Is What It Means For…

In an innovative move to bolster public safety, New York City officials have announced the deployment of three state-of-the-art policing robots, including a robotic canine, “Digidog.” Developed by Boston Dynamics, Digidog is poised to save lives during search-and-rescue missions, showcasing the capabilities of technology in the fight against crime.

While Democrats like Mayor Eric Adams have hesitated to embrace cutting-edge solutions, conservatives understand that leveraging technology can lead to safer communities.

Spot performs inspection in the Kidd Creek Mine, enabling operators to keep their distance from hazards.

Digidog, which comes with a $75,000 price tag, is designed to perform inspections in dangerous areas, monitor construction sites, detect hazardous gases, and gather structural safety data.

Despite initial resistance to the robot dog, Mayor Adams has decided to move forward with its deployment. With the potential to save officers’ lives in high-risk situations like hostage standoffs and bomb threats, Digidog demonstrates the value of technological advancements in law enforcement.

Mayor Eric Adams walks with the FDNY's new robot dog.

In addition to Digidog, the K5 Autonomous Security Robot will be introduced in a seven-month pilot program at the Times Square subway station. This fully autonomous security robot, manufactured by Knightscope, is equipped with advanced features such as HD cameras, infrared thermal cameras, microphones, and a P.A. speaker horn. Capable of operating around the clock and recharging itself, the K5 ASR exemplifies how technology can be effectively utilized to keep our streets safe.

While some police reform advocates criticize Mayor Adams for investing in these robotic innovations, their misplaced concerns ignore the potential benefits of deploying advanced technology in law enforcement. At a time when city agencies are understaffed and New Yorkers face mounting challenges, shouldn’t we consider all available options to improve public safety?

The NYPD’s decision to adopt cutting-edge technology should be applauded, not dismissed as “bad science fiction” or “knockoff RoboCop.” It is crucial that we prioritize real safety for New Yorkers, even if it means embracing unconventional solutions.

As conservatives, we understand that progress often requires bold thinking and a willingness to adapt to new ideas. In this case, the use of advanced robotics in law enforcement has the potential to make a tangible difference in the safety of our communities.

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