• June 12, 2024

Ronald Reagan’s Son Just Dropped A Truth Bomb About The Bidens…

The son of a former president is voicing his opinions on the topic as inquiries into the Biden family continue.

The bad news for President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden came last week when the plea agreement he had previously reached with prosecutors broke through. Hunter Biden is under federal investigation for his dubious overseas business transactions in Ukraine, China, and other countries.

Despite his claims to the contrary, Joe Biden may have had some involvement in the matter while he was vice president, as evidenced by the fact that he was there with Hunter Biden while he spoke with a business associate.

The family of a different president is not having it.

The late President Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan, used the rebranded “X” version of Twitter on Monday to call out leftist hypocrisy by detailing what would have happened to his family if he and his father had been in the same predicament.

“In the eight years that my father was President of the United States I never once sat in the room with business associates and called him on the phone,” Reagan, 78, wrote. “If I had, the Democrats would have skewered me.”

In essence, Michael Reagan is stating that Joe and Hunter Biden would have to face the repercussions if his father or another conservative president had participated in the same activity.

Even if it is pointless to “Imagine if the situation were reversed,” Reagan is correct. The left would have crucified him and his father if they had been the ones being accused.

Just take a look at all the corruption claims that the left has been making against former president Donald Trump in recent years. He has even been charged with some of these crimes.

However, the Democrats are willing to just ignore it when there is proof that Joe Biden and his family may have been implicated in corruption.

The point is that corruption is corruption, irrespective of which party commits it. Instead of being driven solely by partisan politics, investigations into corruption should be motivated by a sincere concern for the nation.

Politics is what drives the Democrats to open criminal investigations into Donald Trump as well as what drives them to disregard the extremely serious claims made against the Biden family.

It is all politics, and that was the message Michael Reagan wanted to convey in his tweet.

Politicians who commit acts of corruption should be held accountable for their behavior and should suffer related penalties. There can be no justifications based on the political party at play.

Because Democrats control the White House and a large portion of the mainstream media, Joe Biden and his son believe they can get away with it, but the walls are closing in quickly on them.

They might not have much longer before their luck runs out.

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