• June 19, 2024

She Almost Got A HUGE Personal Injury Settlement And Ended Up Behind Bars!

Another fraudster was caught in the act, and this time she learns not to do it anymore…or on camera.

Sheyla Veronica White has reported and filed a personal injury settlement from workers’ compensation.

The report states that part of a sprinkler from a fire suppression system fell from the ceiling, bounced off her desk, and struck her in the head, according to a Division of Insurance Fraud arrest report.

When the claim was investigated after being challenged by the company’s insurer, footage from Cinque Terre’s security cameras showed something else.

The arrest report indicated that the piece of a sprinkler fell onto her desktop but it did not hit her, instead she took it and smashed it on her face to make it look like it accidentally hit her by accident.


Fox 13 reported that White was exposed when her employer’s insurance company grew suspicious about the incident and contacted Florida’s Division of Investigative and Forensic Services to look further on the security camera footage to only find out that it was a faked injury.

Sheyla Veronica White

LT. Doreen Rivera has said in a statement, “Not having it is a felony and not having it is serious. And why is it serious? Because if a worker gets injured on the job and there’s no coverage, they’re going to have to cover their own medical costs and those medical bills can, you know, be staggering,” Lt. Rivera explained, adding her department has found the major abusers to be in the construction industry.”

“It’s well-identified down south and now it’s emerging here. And that is basically when a business is created for the purposes of taking out a minimal workers’ comp policy,” she added.

Watch it here: Youtube/Sun Sentinel

When an insurance company is defrauded, the cost trickles down to businesses, employees, and eventually to its consumers. Sadly, everyone else pays the price for these scams, making the cost of products and insurance rise. The only ones who win in these scenarios are the fraudsters who don’t get caught.

Disturbingly, White is just one of countless scammers who attempt to cash out with a fraudulent claim at the expense of everyone else. Fortunately, the only reward she’ll be receiving is a felony on her record, warning other employers of the risk in hiring her.

Source: TapHaps

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