• July 23, 2024

She Asked To Use A Veteran’s Bathroom, What Happened Next Is Absolutely Sickening…

Many urban residents are getting concerned about the fact that sneaking strikers and invaders are experimenting with new methods to gain entrance to any property.

Contrary to popular belief, burglaries don’t always happen at night. When people are at home, especially men, it is considerably more difficult for thieves to break in. However, according to the news articles I’ve read, robbers frequently target homes with elderly residents and possibly ladies and enter them in the late morning or early afternoon.

Most burglaries are committed by careful thieves who plan crimes based on when they’re least likely to get caught. That means they’re sometimes walking the neighborhood, taking note of homes with:

  • Dogs
  • Security systems
  • Long stretches of time with no one home

As more than half of house invasions probably take place during the day, their target is most likely the Elderly. Burglars will knock at the front door asking for help, say, a glass of water, use of your bathroom, looking for a missing dog, needing directions, or confirmation of certain things like an ad on Craigslist.– Many new homeowners could be duped by a stranger who invents a reason to use the restroom while stealing some of your goods.

Or perhaps some early-morning runners will come up to your house asking for a drink of water or to use the lavatory, which could serve as justification for a sweep of your property.

They normally would knock at the door at a time when people are not expected to be home, they will knock on doors around mid-morning and mid-afternoon when most of the housewives are out running errands or out picking up kids in the afternoon—or they knew that the only person in the house is elderly.

And with the occupants’ cooperation, they have virtually unlimited access to safes, IDs, credit cards, and valuables, which they would normally waste time searching for and trying to access themselves.

And that was certainly the case when Thomas Hendrix opened the door to his home in Douglas, Georgia, to find a woman, two young children, and a man standing on his doorstep in need of a restroom.

Veteran Hendrix, 94, let the young family into his house. Thomas went into another part of the house with the guy and children while the woman used the restroom, that’s when things turned to a disturbing point.

Later that day, when Hendrix’s caregiver, Neal DeLoach, came home, he looked over the house’s security tapes.

Then he realized something was seriously wrong. When DeLoach realized that neither he nor Hendrix knew the family, he grew worried. As he continued to watch the security footage, he became even more concerned.

He couldn’t believe what he saw.

DeLoach observed the woman robbing the residence of goods, including cash from Hendrix’s wallet, before entering the restroom and flushing the toilet to give the impression that she had truly used it.

DeLoach later stated that given how audacious the people were to go right into the residence, the entire situation was frightening. DeLoach claims that there are surveillance cameras installed all over the property. Additionally, everyone can see the security cameras because they are in plain view. However, these individuals simply walked in and broke in.

But it doesn’t stop there. The affair then took a bizarre turn for the worst.

Naturally, when DeLoach learned that Hendrix had been robbed, he called the police. In an effort to catch the offenders, the police were able to share surveillance footage from the security cameras on Facebook.

Now, one would assume that you would not be so stupid as to really admit that you committed the crime if you had robbed someone in plain sight and were seen on camera doing it.

Yet, that is exactly what this woman did.

When the surveillance video was uploaded on Facebook, the woman actually commented on it in an effort to defend her actions, as though they could be justified. Saying, I did not steal from him it was all a big misunderstanding. I done spoke with the man and everything is took care of!!”

Woman Asks To Use Thomas Hendrix's Bathroom, Camera Captures Her Crime

Social media users, however, didn’t accept her justification, with one person writing: “This makes me so angry. Not sure how this could be a misunderstanding, it looks straightforward to me. Hope she does some jail time along with her husband.”

One person added, “Looks like the husband was trying to keep him occupied. Child services needs to check these whatever they are out. Who knows what they are teaching and using the children for. Misunderstanding my behind.”

“She knew exactly and how did it misunderstand its way into her bra? Lying sack trying to stay out of jail,” a third person commented.

Followed by fourth person saying, How is it [a] misunderstanding. So the wallet opens it’s self up and then the money walks under your sweaty and saggy boobs by itself. You stole it and it’s all on the camera. Guilty you stupid b*** and it was all planned using husband and kids as [a] distraction. Hope all your Money gets stolen and you rot in jail. Great job on teaching your kids the bad things.”

Woman Asks To Use Thomas Hendrix's Bathroom, Camera Captures Her Crime

In this case, fortunately, everything worked out just great, but it could have been much, much worse. Hendrix was a prime target because he was elderly and living alone at home. A much harsher crime may have been committed by the pair.

Any age group can fall victim to this hoax, but the elderly are particularly at risk.

Watch it here: Youtube/Inside Edition

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