• June 22, 2024

She Found Out A Student Was A Conservative And What She Did Is Sickening!

A California high school teacher has been suspended after berating her students during a Zoom class for their parents’ complaints about the school’s distance learning plans.

Alissa Piro, who teaches English at San Marcos High School, was caught on video shouting at students and even telling one student that “whites get everything” in response to a question about a white student union.

Jace asks before being shouted down by his teacher, “My question is, in this case, where is the white student union, because we need all races for equality…”

Piro yells, “You don’t need a white student union, Jace! You get everything!”

San Marcos High School teacher Alissa Piro grew irritated with her virtual class of juniors and dared their parents to “come at me” when they expressed a desire to return to in-person learning full time, in one of the videos, obtained by Fox News.

Alissa Piro

She says, “If your parent wants to talk to me about their profession and their opinion on their profession, I would love to hear that. I know very little about anything else in the world other than education, okay?”

Piro threatens, “ Just dare them to come at me, because I am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job, I have never once gone to a doctor’s appointment and tried to tell my medical health provider how to treat me. You know why? Because I know nothing about that. I didn’t get my degree in medicine.”

The San Marcos student, identified as Jace Jonas, ran to Fox News, saying Piro’s reaction was prompted by a question he wrote in the Zoom chat box after the school announced the creation of an Asian student union.

He explained, “I wanted to make a comment in the Zoom text box, not disrupting the class. I commented ‘why do some races get student unions but others do not?’ We should have a student union for all races or no races for true equality.”

He said that Piro paused her lesson and shouted “God d**mnit.”

“She started berating me about how as a white male I get everything and it’s my duty to look out for minorities and all these racist remarks against whites and males. She later called me a moron,” He continued.

And Just weeks after the interaction, Jace found out that his grade had dropped in Piro’s class, according to Jace’s father, Jim Jonas. When Piro was confronted about the falling grade, she blamed it on a computer error and corrected it.

Jim recalled. Piro blamed a computer error and eventually corrected it, “Jace was getting straight A’s in school. After that incident, he had a B in that class.”

Fortunately, a female student recorded Piro’s behavior and showed it to her mother, who passed it on to other parents. The encounter was then reported to the school, which quickly suspended Piro while conducting an internal investigation.

Following Piro’s suspension, a former student came forward to confirm that Piro has a history of shutting down critical thinking. The young woman explained that Piro would routinely disparage or fail students who questioned her opinions, especially if she found out that they held a political viewpoint differing from her own.

She told Fox News, “She’s a good teacher when she’s teaching but these rants aren’t new, I knew I had to change my political views just to please her and get a passing grade. She’d either yell or fail you, or make us feel small for what we believe in.”

Another mother claimed that Piro was fired from a previous teaching position, but she declined to say why or where the termination took place.

Alissa Piro

Alissa Piro is only one of the countless individuals in the education system who believe that they know what’s best for other people’s children. As an elitist, she feels the need to aggressively shut down anyone who questions her views, actively discouraging critical thought and rhetoric required for young minds to form their own opinions.

Sadly, Piro is just a tiny cog in the education system’s machine, tasked with churning out social justice warriors who are incapable of appealing to logic. Luckily, there are still young people like Jace who haven’t been indoctrinated by the public schools, which is why he so easily poked holes in Piro’s flimsy claims.

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