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She Killed A Bride On Her Wedding Night, What She Did Immediately Before Will…

The devastating price of irresponsible intoxication took center stage in a heartbreaking tragedy, involving a South Carolina woman and a newlywed couple. Jamie Lee Komoroski, whose outrageous actions were fueled by liquor-induced recklessness, committed an act of utter disregard for human life as she claimed the life of a bride on her wedding night.

Last month, Jamie Komoroski embarked on an evening of self-destruction that saw her bar hopping at four separate locations, leaving a trail of slurred speech and unsteady steps in her wake. Amid her reckless spree, she collided with the lives of Aric Hutchinson and Samantha Hutchinson, who were leaving their wedding celebrations when they had the misfortune of crossing paths with Komoroski’s impaired driving.

Komoroski’s reckless journey began at El Gallo Bar & Grill, a humble roadside establishment located 25 miles from the couple’s wedding reception at Folley Beach. As the couple basked in marital bliss, Komoroski, undeterred by the significant distance from her starting point, spiraled further into a drunken stupor.


The heart of Folly Beach’s Center Street, known for its laid-back vibe and array of beachfront stores and eateries, was Komoroski’s next stop. Her irresponsible jaunt included visits to the Drop Inn, the Crab Shack, and Snapper Jacks. As she staggered along the main drag, hopping from one bar to the next, her intoxication grew.

Aric Hutchinson, the grieving husband, has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Komoroski and the establishments that continued to serve her alcohol that evening. These venues, as alleged by the lawsuit, indirectly condoned her dangerous levels of intoxication by continuing to serve her drinks despite her visibly impaired condition.

Jamie Komoroski drank at 4 bars evening of fatal collision

After consuming drinks at the Drop Inn, Komoroski staggered her way to the Crab Shack. Despite the availability of cocktails and frozen rum delights, she reportedly stuck to beer and tequila shots before continuing her evening of ill-fated choices.

Next, she stumbled into Snapper Jacks, where she continued to consume tequila shots and ‘shift shots’ of house liquor. As detailed in Hutchinson’s lawsuit, Komoroski’s self-destructive binge resulted in a level of intoxication that was not only gross but dangerous.

Just as the newlyweds were leaving their reception in a wedding-themed golf cart, Komoroski was staggering out of Snapper Jacks, concluding her destructive spree. In an ironic twist of fate, as Samantha was wishing for her magical day to continue, surveillance footage captured the couple in the last moments before their lives were tragically altered.

Jamie Komoroski drank at 4 bars evening of fatal collision

Caught on the surveillance footage, Komoroski’s vehicle, traveling at an estimated four times the speed of the golf cart, was on a dreadful collision course with the newlyweds. Tragically, the inevitable crash occurred just seven hundred yards from this point, claiming Samantha’s life and causing severe injuries to Aric.

With a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit, Komoroski was driving at speeds of up to 65mph in a 25mph zone, making the time between her vehicle and the golf cart all too short. Aric Hutchinson endured ten days in the hospital with a brain bleed and multiple reconstructive surgeries, a painful testament to Komoroski’s inebriated negligence.

Komoroski, now held without bond, faces three counts of Felony DUI with death and or great bodily injury. This ‘party girl,’ who claimed to be ‘an 8’ on the sobriety scale, registered a blood alcohol content of 0.261 percent, which is more than three times the legal limit of 0.08 percent in South Carolina.

Though the defense paints a picture of a troubled young woman, it can’t erase the fact that her choices led to a catastrophic loss. As Komoroski wallows in self-pity and seeks leniency, the Hutchinson family is left to grapple with the pain and emptiness left by her reckless actions.

A disturbing detail emerged that Komoroski’s mother, Traci, was involved in a fatal car crash in 2013, killing a Forest Fire Service Warden in New Jersey. This incident was deemed a ‘tragic accident,’ yet one can’t help but question if the apple fell far from the tree. Komoroski’s bond hearing is set for June 16, marking another chapter in this tragic tale.

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