• June 22, 2024

SICK! Gov Newsom Adding Even More Money To California’s Abortion Fund!

On Wednesday, California’s Democrat governor, Gavin Newsom, announced a proposed $125 million reproductive health package in an effort to prepare the state for an influx of out-of-state residents seeking abortions.

The idea intends to expand services, help cover the expenses of uninsured patients, and create incentives for businesses to migrate to California from states with anti-abortion and anti-LGBT policies, according to a news release.

Newsom’s plan comes in response to a leaked Supreme Court draft ruling that would overturn Roe v. Wade, a historic 1973 Supreme Court decision that guaranteed abortion access nationally.

Here’s what Newsom said in the release:

“California will not stand idly by as extremists roll back our basic constitutional rights; we’re going to fight like hell, making sure that all women — not just those in California — know that this state continues to recognize and protect their fundamental rights. We’re expanding access to these critical services, welcoming businesses and their employees fleeing rights stakeholders to further solidify California’s leadership on abortion rights.”

The new funding adds $57 million to a $68 million plan made in January.

According to the press release, the planned $57 million includes the following:

  • $40 million for grants to reproductive health care providers to offset the cost of providing care to low-and-moderate income individuals who do not have health care coverage for abortion care services.
  • $15 million for grants to community-based reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations to conduct medically accurate and culturally competent outreach and education on sexual health and reproductive health issues.
  • $1 million to develop and maintain a website that provides accurate and updated information to the public on the right to abortion under state law, information about reproductive health care providers, and options for coverage for reproductive health services, including state-funded coverage and programs.
  • $1 million for research regarding the unmet needs and access to reproductive health care services

The proposal comes just days before Newsom is set to present his updated state budget for 2022-23 in Sacramento on Friday.

Here are some comments from folks online:

“Somehow this does NOT seem right; U have this far left wing lib giving 57 million dollars to kill innocent babies.”

“Do California taxpayers foot the bill for all intrastate healthcare costs or just those related to the killing of unwanted babies?”

“So tell me all U progressive drats; “California will not stand idly by as extremists roll back our basic constitutional rights”””

Just what part of the constitution says U have the right to murder a baby?? I have read the constitution & studied it just as must as most other people & I cannot find anywhere that abortion is even wrote. Please give me a copy of the constitution that has that in it. Maybe my is just old.”

“Is Disney in California going to have an interactive abortion amusement ride? “

“”California – come and visit us on your next vacay. Have fun on the polluted beaches, the burned down forests, get robbed, mugged, step in a pile of human feces and murder your unborn baby at your leisure!” -the California Board of Touristas.”

“Can they get Babbling Nuisance retro Aborted ?”

“Next on the list will be free ammo to gangs.”

“Newsom incentivizes the Homeless to come to CA, he incentivizes criminal activity in CA, he incentivizes illegal aliens to come to CA. When will CA get some common sense and incentivize this dunce out of a job?”

“Sterilize all Democrat “birthing persons

Being raised by Democrats is child abuse.”

Watch it here: Youtube/CBS Sacramento

Sources: Newsmax, Thecentersquare, Axios

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