• June 15, 2024

Sinema Slams Democrats Over A Sneaky Trick That Would Absolutely…

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema shook up Congress when she left the Democrat Party. She took parting shots at the party and became an independent. It appears she wanted to be able to stay moderate and distance herself from Democrats, whenever they go off the reservation with their radical schemes.

Sinema has not stopped criticizing Joe Biden and his party’s socialist agenda. And now, she is really ratcheting up the attacks, after Democrats pulled a sleazy scheme. Tax dollars were allocated to help border communities, including ones in Arizona, deal with Biden’s border crisis. But this is what the left did with that money. And Sinema is letting them have it.

From Breitbart:

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) is raging on House and Senate Democrat leadership for successfully helping siphon taxpayer money, meant for America’s border communities, and sending it to New York City…

“The fact that a yeoman’s amount of this money went to New York City, in my opinion, is wrong because they are not a border state and they are not facing the kind of pressure that we are facing here. So when I hear from other parts of the country say “Oh, it’s hard. Our shelters are overwhelmed” — yeah, come live a day in the life of Yuma, Somerton, or San Luis. Just one day.”

Sinema was outraged when Democrats schemed to take money meant to help border states to bankroll New York’s botched handling of migrants. New York City has a reported 95,000 illegals overwhelming its streets.

Instead of deporting them, Democrats are putting them up in hotels. Some even want to turn Central Park into a shanty town for migrants.

But, in contrast, tens of thousands of border jumpers invade Arizona towns every few weeks. Border communities in Arizona and Texas are under constant threat by cartels and smugglers. Lives are at stake, while Biden does nothing to secure our border.

It is critical that we do something… yet Democrats are siphoning cash meant to help Americans and giving it to Democrats in big blue cities.

Talk about corrupt. This is the very thing Sinema left the party over. Why should she keep supporting this group, when they overlook Southern and Western states like hers? Democrats are only proving what Republicans have said for years, that they only care about New York and Los Angeles.

Arizona residents are in constant peril, thanks to Biden’s border crisis. Yet Democrats are robbing their own members to benefit “more important” parts of the country.


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