• September 23, 2023

Something Just Got Revealed About E. Jean Carroll That May Force Them To Reopen The Case….

In the twisted saga of partisan attacks on conservatives, a curious social media post could turn the tide in a high-stakes legal battle against a former president, revealing the hypocrisy embedded deep within our justice system.

Former President Donald Trump has been held responsible for sexual assault and defamation charges, slapped with a $5 million penalty to be paid to author E. Jean Carroll. Yet, a noteworthy social media post from the accuser could potentially tip the scales in Trump’s favor during an appeal.

In 2012, Carroll made a seemingly innocuous post on Facebook, inquiring about Sunday night television preferences. A minor spelling error aside, the post drew no particular attention until the discussion turned to Carroll’s own viewing habits. In the comment section, she declared herself a “MASSIVE Apprentice fan.”

The comment thread is still available for viewing on Facebook, barring any potential deletion by Carroll. The comment has already been captured in a screenshot by Donald Trump Jr., which serves as a record of her surprising admission.

While it is theoretically possible for a person to enjoy a show featuring an individual they claim assaulted them, the comment does raise eyebrows and questions. As a writer, I can’t help but wonder how Carroll could eagerly tune into a show headlined by a man who, according to her own allegations, has caused her significant trauma.

This seeming contradiction has not escaped the notice of other commenters on her post, many of whom have voiced their skepticism. Some questioned her ability to be a fan of a show whose star was her alleged assaulter. Others accused her of discrediting genuine victims of sexual assault and expressed hope that Trump would counter-sue.

Despite her vociferous claims against Trump, Carroll’s enthusiastic endorsement of his show casts a shadow of doubt on her allegations. While we can’t say definitively that this post proves falsehood in her accusations, it does strike an odd note that warrants further scrutiny.

Following the recent verdict, Trump has announced his intent to appeal the civil case. Speaking to Fox News Digital, he expressed disbelief at the charges and the identity of his accuser, describing the verdict as a “disgrace” and another chapter in the “greatest political witch hunt in history.”

The jury’s decision held Trump liable for charges of sexual abuse and defamation, though not for rape. The $5 million fine appears to be yet another attempt to financially cripple the former President, an action that has been seen as politically motivated by many conservative observers.

Reiterating his innocence and expressing his intent to appeal the verdict, Trump pointed out the political connections of both the presiding judge, a Clinton appointee, and Carroll, a known Clinton supporter. He further emphasized that he had “no idea” who Carroll even was.

This situation serves as a glaring reminder of the current state of our justice system, where political bias seems to overshadow the pursuit of truth. As we wait for the appeal process to unfold, it’s important to question the narrative being painted by the mainstream media and to critically examine the evidence at hand.

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