• June 15, 2024

The FBI Just AMBUSHED Top Trump Attorney In Public!

Last week, the sham Jan.6 committee targeted John Eastman, the lawyer who was hired by President Trump to look into alleged election issues, he was “frisked” by FBI agents sent by the committee and had his cellphone seized while he was leaving a restaurant.

On Monday, Eastman filed a federal lawsuit in New Mexico and asked a judge to order the feds to return his property and block the January 6 investigators from accessing his phone.

The attorney said in the U.S. District Court of New Mexico filing that he “was forced to provide biometric data to open said phone” and “was not provided a copy of the warrant until after his phone was seized.” 

Eastman asserted that the warrant violated his Fourth Amendment rights and urged a judge to force the Department of Justice to return his phone.

Watch the video below:

CNN has more details of this report:

The FBI seized the phone of former President Donald Trump’s election attorney John Eastman last week, according to a new court filing from the lawyer.

Eastman disclosed the search and seizure in federal court in a lawsuit that he filed in New Mexico on Monday, calling it improper.

About six federal investigators approached the right-wing lawyer in New Mexico when he was exiting a restaurant after dinner with his wife and a friend, according to the court filings. Agents were able to get access to Eastman’s email accounts on his iPhone 12 Pro, the filings said.

Eastman contends the agents “forced” him to unlock his phone. A seizure warrant document included in Eastman’s filing noted any electronic devices agents seized were to be sent to Washington, DC, or the Justice Department inspector general’s forensic lab in northern Virginia.

Eastman’s phone seizure occurred the same night Justice Department officials searched the home of former Trump DOJ attorney Jeffrey Clark.

Agents also reportedly delivered subpoenas that day to Trump-allied attorney Brad Carver and campaign official Thomas Lane.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, CNN

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