• June 15, 2024

The Number Of ILLEGAL ALIENS Biden Has Brought To Our Country Will….

According to new research released Wednesday, the United States has added more than 2 million immigrants to its population since Joe Biden took office in 2021 – the great majority of them are here illegally.

While it is the highest number ever recorded, and the overall number of immigrants is significant in and of itself, the mere fact that it is a new record is perhaps the least intriguing aspect of the study; after all, every year a growing population of any kind sets a new record.

Furthermore, the expansion is quickening. Since Joe Biden’s inauguration in January of last year, the total number of foreign-born has increased by 2 million. Illegal aliens account for two-thirds of the increase under Biden (1.35 million), which is unsurprising given the border’s increasing disintegration.

The Center for Immigration Studies says the surge has pushed up the expected point at which the United States will have its largest-ever share of immigrants.

Camarota attributed the quick surge in the country’s illegal alien population to Biden’s “campaign promises that generated the notion, well before he ever took office, that he would reduce immigration enforcement:”

Further, the administration’s decision to end the Migrant Protection Protocols (also called Remain in Mexico) for many asylum applicants, the scaling back of Title 42 expulsions, and more recently the decision to end it all together, coupled with the release of some three-quarters of a million illegal immigrants encountered at the border as well as 146,000 unaccompanied minors, almost certainly has encouraged even more illegal immigrants to arrive at the southern border in the hope they, too, will be released into the country. [Emphasis added]

The administration’s suspension of nearly all interior deportations and the resulting dramatic decline in immigration enforcement, including deportations, plus its refusal to automatically take custody of non-citizens released from jails and prisons have all likely made illegal immigrants feel safer, reducing emigration of those already here and encouraging new illegal immigration. Finally, efforts by some in Congress to pass a bill legalizing illegal immigrants and the White House’s continued support for such legislation cannot help but persuade some illegal immigrants in the country not to leave, as well as causing more to come. [Emphasis added]

Given the tremendous increase in population and the near-record proportion, the Biden administration didn’t even think about the effects on schools, health-care systems, welfare programs, physical infrastructure, the labor market, and quality of life.

Maybe even more important, Biden who is the national leader instead of fixing even doubling down on turning illegal aliens in. What are we willing to do to enforce the law, even if illegal immigration is a policy choice?

About three-quarters of immigrants are in the country legally. That means immigration is a policy option; it’s just another federal program, like farm subsidies or the Air Force, rather than an unavoidable fact of existence like the tides or the weather.

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