• June 3, 2023

The People That Lined Up To Support The Freedom Convoy Will Warm Your…

Sadly, there have not been many updates on the Freedom Convoy sweeping our nation with everything happening with Russia and Ukraine.

Now, of course, I feel horrible for the innocent civilians that are fighting for their lives right now, but I also know we have a lot going on here too.

Instead of posts on social media about what is happening in Canada or the truckers in America, people are posting non-stop updates of the war happening in Ukraine.


I am super sure that the Biden administration is happy to see that, right?

The more we are all distracted then the better for them.

As mentioned before, yes, there is a lot happening in Ukraine, but our issues, struggles, and problems are still going on here, and the truckers are doing what they can to protest it.

Thankfully, there are tons of Americans coming out to show their support.

I saw this video from an Oklahoma highway, and I couldn’t believe all the people who were standing on the overpasses, and on the side of the road cheering them on.


Truly amazing and heartwarming to see.

This is a great testament to our Canadian trucker patriots next door.

They started this amazing movement and hopefully, we can carry the torch and help push for some real change.

God knows the globalists are ready to dump COVID — not because of the science or anything like that, it’s only because it’s killing them in polls.


This whole ridiculous circus was never about science, so why break precedence now, right?


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