• June 22, 2024

There’s A Reason He Always Puts A Clothespin On His Car’s AC Vent..

People always seek some ways in order to make life even easier and enjoyable. As the saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention” and if there is one person in a family always inventing things, it is a dad.

Air conditioners are meant to provide cooling and humidity. When you close an air vent, the number of avenues available to move air is reduced, restricting the flow. A reduction in airflow is a problem for effective cooling and heating. This man puts a clothespin on an AC vent. Sound’s ridiculous, right? But the reason behind it will actually startle you of his brilliance.

Of course, no one likes riding around and being stuck in a stinky car and if you spend a lot of time in your automobile, you want it to smell good. The same goes for our homes, no one wants to live and sleep in a stale-smelling house.

Below are the effective ways to remove odors from your vehicle is by using two household items: 

  • clothespin
  • essential oil

Drip a few drops of the essential oil on the clothespins and then stick them in your house or car air vents. Soon afterward your house and vehicle interiors will be smelling a lot more pleasant and refreshed.

This method is easily one of the best, most cost-effective ways to make an area smell good and won’t even cost you a penny if you have essential oil and a few old clothespins laying around. When the smell begins to fade, simply drop or rub more oil onto the clothespins whenever you’d like.

According to Wikihow reports:

Use a soft cleaning cloth to wipe every plastic, wood, glass, and metallic surface inside the car. If you want to use anything other than warm water, rely on mild detergent as it will be safe for most surfaces, and glass cleaner for glass. For leather seats, use an appropriate leather cleaner. Alternatively, you can ask for a suitable interior car cleaner at your automobile store. If it’s a really hot day, leave the doors and windows open to let the car cool down first or it’ll be hot and unpleasant as well as super odorous!

Aside from clothespin and essential oil vacuuming your car also does the trick, as does sprinkling deodorizer.

Here’s what Wikihow gave some important tips to follow if you go that route:

Try to get an extracting machine that has a clear nozzle. This will allow you to see the water that is being extracted from the seat. As soon as the water turns clear and you don’t see any dirt coming up through it, this means your car seats are clean and that there is no more dirt inside them. It also indicates that when they dry, they’ll come up looking like new again.

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