• June 19, 2024

They Got Tired Of Protestors Blocking The Road, Then They Took Matters Into Their Own Hands… [VIDEO]

On Thursday, during a demonstration in Rome, frustrated motorists clashed with environmental activists who stopped a busy highway.

It was the first time the group deployed a roadblock technique as part of a demonstration, a tactic popularized by UK extinction rebellion protesters.

Extinction Rebellion supports the Last Generation organization, which has activists lined up across the Raccordo freeway, one of the city’s main ring roads.

Protesters brandishing banners and outfitted in hi-vis established a barrier, causing traffic to back up for hundreds of meters.

But enraged drivers took matters into their own hands, exiting their vehicles one by one to remove each demonstrator off the road.

A woman tore a second banner from the activists’ hands while still clutching her handbag.

Other cars then joined the attempt to evict the demonstrators by grabbing their arms and dragging them away from the road so that vehicles could pass.

However, following the first departure, activists protesting with ordinary drivers who were unable to influence environmental regulations were able to sit in the middle of the road in front of traffic once more.

When the crossing was again stopped, a guy was observed grabbing a protesting woman by the hair and dragging her to the side of the road.

She was not discouraged, however, as she was once again positioned in front of the vehicles.

The demonstrators were members of Last Generation, a chapter of the worldwide environmental group Extinction Rebellion, according to the Italian magazine Corriere Dello Sport.

The group demanded that all fossil-fuel extraction projects be halted and that Italy abandon its coal-fired power facilities in favor of wind and solar energy.

Last Generation protestors blocked yet another major route in Rome in December, pushing the government to address the climate catastrophe.

Demonstrators wearing hi-vis vests gathered along the A90 motorway’s Maglianella viaduct, claiming they were slapped, kicked, and spat on by irate cars.

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