• July 24, 2024

They Handed Sleepy Joe A Note, REVEALING Mental Condition!

On Friday, President Joe Biden was in a meeting about the US western wildfires when an aide passed him a note. Some viewers were quick to note that Biden wiped his chin after getting the note, sparking some hilarious jokes about the contents of the note.

The aide passed the note to the president as Vice President Kamala Harris spoke about the wildfires, and cameras caught Biden’s chin-wiping moment. One person tweeted: “I hope it was mayo. Tell me it’s mayo. Please?”

Some defended the president, calling the moment “so relatable,” while others praised the aide.

“I need an aide like that,” one person wrote.

“What a decent thing to do, I would appreciate being told that when I gave presentations if I had something on my chin,” a second person commented.

Photo Credit: Twitter/CTV News



“My students don’t even tell me I have toothpaste around my mouth until it’s like 2 o’clock,” someone else said.\

However, others stated that the aide could have done more.

One wrote: “Do you think she should have told him the cameras were on?”




Others found the video unpleasant, with one person commenting: “Why did I watch this, knowing I would gag.”

The incident occurred during a virtual meeting, the second meeting between the president and a group of governors.

The President was talking about the need for more resources to be employed to battle the persistent and intense forest fires in western states.



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