• June 12, 2024

KARMA: Enraged Mob Drag Man from Vehicle and Beat Him to Death

In an example of vigilante mob justice at it’s finest, residents of the wild-west town of Hawthorne, California held a trial and execution at the scene of the crime. With no use for their impotently defunded police, liberal prosecutors, or progressive judges, the targeted victims decided they were also witnesses to the crime of attempted vehicular homicide and simply took justice into their own hands.

Cops don’t like mob justice

Lieutenant Hugo Reynaga of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department isn’t happy that the citizens of Hawthorne, California, who his men are sworn to protect, decided to take justice into their own hands through mob violence.

Of course, the victims turned do-it-yourself vigilantes are the ones threatened with jail time. Cops don’t like the public doing their job because it makes them look bad.

It was all over in moments on Saturday, October 9, when the mob got their hands on the unidentified pickup driver who ran “his truck on the sidewalk and nearly hit a group of people.”

He was miffed because he had been “asked to leave a business,” following “an argument with someone.” He couldn’t simply go home and cool off. No, he had to get violent. After all, what could happen? Someone might call the cops? Ha!

According to Lt. Reynaga, things went south for the maniac when he hit a tree. While “the man’s truck was against a tree, people in the crowd attempted to remove him from the car.”

Realizing he might have made a mistake by not actually killing his intended victims on the first try, he instantly tried to escape. That didn’t go so well either. He “drove the truck into the corner of a building.” Thanks to the furious mob, He’ll never do that again.

Blunt force trauma

In seconds, the howling mob dragged the attempted murderer from his vehicle and pummeled him to death.

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