• October 4, 2023

They Have Just Demanded Joe Biden’s Cellphone Records, And They Are…

In an alarming revelation, a cellphone, suspiciously funded and reportedly used in potentially improper foreign transactions, is under the unyielding scrutiny of a fearless GOP-led committee.

A committee led by steadfast Republicans has issued a legal demand for a cellphone’s records, a phone allegedly utilized by President Joe Biden and astonishingly, funded by his son, Hunter Biden. This phone was reportedly in use during 2009-2017, a timeframe during which Biden served as vice president, creating a web of suspicion and intrigue around his operations during that period.

Leading corruption investigator, Peter Schweizer, dropped the bombshell revelation that these concerning records were discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Schweizer, a crusader against political corruption and author of ‘Secret Empires’, boldly shared this discovery with the Oversight Committee in Congress, triggering a decisive move to subpoena those phone records. He makes a significant point about the financing of the phone, it wasn’t underwritten by the government or the private wallet of Joe Biden, but paid for by Hunter Biden’s business.

Schweizer has cast a sharp spotlight on the mystery surrounding this phone, questioning who exactly was communicating with Joe Biden on a device underwritten by his son. The perturbing implication is that Biden may have been potentially talking to figures of significance on a phone that was, essentially, a business expense for Hunter Biden.

Shockingly, Schweizer revealed in 2018 that Hunter Biden amassed millions in foreign income, tax-free, leading to a whirlwind of IRS and grand jury investigations. However, it seems that Joe Biden, rather than encouraging his son to face the legal consequences of his actions, is strategically positioning himself to grant his troubled son a pardon. This disturbing revelation comes as the Department of Justice is reportedly closing in on a decision to charge Hunter Biden with a multitude of crimes connected to tax evasion and firearms violations.

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, known for her book “Laptop From Hell” chronicling Hunter Biden’s escapades, shares this unsettling sentiment. Devine reflected on Joe Biden’s recent statements during an interview where he dismissed the possibility of his son facing charges, stating it would have no impact on his presidency.

Biden audaciously claimed, “My son has done nothing wrong. I trust him. I have faith in him, and it impacts my presidency by making me feel proud of him.” This conveniently woven narrative starkly contrasts with the growing allegations and mounting evidence against Hunter Biden.

Devine criticizes the well-crafted image of Biden as a loving family man and moderate Democrat. She argues that he is strategically playing the sympathy card to manipulate public sentiment and create a safety net for the eventuality of pardoning his son. Devine paints a picture of a potential scenario wherein Biden might issue a pardon during his lame-duck period, invoking sympathy for Hunter’s history of substance abuse and capitalizing on his carefully maintained image as a compassionate family man.

Devine further believes that Biden’s responses during the interview were calculated, establishing a narrative that the legal action against his son is a politically motivated attack. This strategic positioning attempts to divorce him entirely from the influence-peddling operation linked to Hunter and his brother Jim, laying the groundwork to dismiss any indictment as a “political witch hunt.”

She cautions that this may be Biden’s only move, given his history of denial about his involvement in these allegations prior to the 2020 election. She warns that this narrative might resonate with Americans still under the illusion that Biden’s only fault is loving his son excessively. With these developments, it becomes increasingly clear that the public should be discerning of the narrative spun by the Biden family and remain vigilant of the complex web of connections and potential corruption embedded within it.

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