• April 13, 2024

They Purchased Their Home Two Weeks Ago, And The WORST Possible Thing Has Happened

Folks, I remember when my wife and I moved into our home about seven years ago. It was one of those things that seemed like the prize at the end of a long adventure. I can only imagine how horrible I would feel if after two weeks it was suddenly unlivable.

Most of us when we have something happen to our home, it’s something relatively simple that can be fixed by a repairman working their magic. However, as with most things, life has an unfortunate way of happening at the worst possible times.

Usually they’re manageable things. You forgot tinfoil at the grocery store, you didn’t see a bill in the mail and had to call to pay it a day late or something innocuous. Most of us don’t have to deal with what Rodney and Sabrina Crawford are going through right now.

I know the Crawfords, they’re good honest people that like the most of us are trying to get through life like the rest of us without having to deal with something like what they are having to deal with now.. and they need your help.

From Fox 5:

Rodney and Sabrina Crawford panicked when the tree in their front yard came crashing into their new house, hitting their cars on the way down. The pair said they were working on repairs for the home, which they say they purchased two weeks ago, to make it eligible for homeowners insurance. They hadn’t finished yet.

The pair provided FOX 5 with photos. It appears the bulk of the damage was done when a thick branch split from the trunk. Pieces of the roof and inner ceiling were knocked down.

A couple from Dallas said a tree fell on the house they just purchased two weeks ago.

Their niece, Amber Miller, began a GoFundMe asking for loved ones to help out with the expected costs.


I know things are rough right now with the way Democrat politicans are trying to squeeze you six ways from Sunday, but if you have the ability to give something to these people, please try.


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