• June 21, 2024

They Saved Their Store From Being Robbed, And They’re Under Investigation For….

Local authorities in Northern California are looking into two 7-Eleven employees after they stopped and physically abused a robbery suspect wearing a pistol strap who was reportedly responsible for robbing the convenience store twice just hours earlier.

In a now-viral video, a man in a mask is seen allegedly walking behind the front counter of a 7-Eleven in Stockton, California, around 2:45 in the morning, and starting to empty shelves of cigarettes and other store goods into a sizable trash can with the apparent intention of stealing the items.

The suspect could be heard yelling at the workers while pretending to have a gun strapped behind his back.

Using the garbage bin as cover, he moved the workers till one had him on the ground and the other was beating the suspect’s legs with a big wooden stick around twenty times.

“The other gentleman stops him and holds him. The other employee grabs a stick and just starts going to town,” Louis Benton, who filmed the altercation, told Fox40. “I’m shocked like, ‘what am I watching? What am I seeing now?’”

After a certain point, Benton said he intervened and de-escalated the situation.

“It came to a point where it got a little excessive so I was kind of like, ‘Yo, you know, we got to chill, we got to relax,’” Benton told ABC10. “Those two workers who protected their store, they did a courageous act. I believe that if I wasn’t there that guy would probably be more hurt than he was.”

The incident is currently being investigated, and the alleged thief is said to have committed two more robberies at the 7-Eleven shop within the same 24-hour period, according to a recent update from the Stockton Police Department.

Just after midnight on July 28, the suspect made threats to shoot the clerk before stealing several packs of cigarettes from behind the counter. Authorities said that the guy requested money from a worker the following night while claiming to be carrying a pistol. The worker wouldn’t comply until the suspect had taken some food and departed.

Police reported that the suspect returned to the store for the incident that was caught on camera about two hours later.

All of the investigations, according to the authorities, have been linked, and the San Joaquin County district attorney will analyze the results.

Blaze Media reports that Stockton has a Neighborhood Scout crime index score of 3 out of 100, with 100 being the safest. One in 79 persons experience violent crime, and one in thirty people is likely to experience property crime.

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