• April 15, 2024

They Saw A Guy Walking 16 Miles Every Day, And Stumbled Upon His Horrible Secret…

The commute to work can be the worst part of someone’s day. Whether you get stuck in traffic, or your train is late, or there’s just a really strange smell wafting around your bus for the entire trip, there are a ton of things that can go wrong.

For most people, the commute is an hour long, maybe two hours on a bad day. This is a completely normal amount of time to spend getting to work each way.

But others have it a little bit worse than that! And I’m not just talking about the time out of your day. Think more along the lines of modes of transportation or the lack thereof. That’s right, there are people who walk hours just to clock in.

Kyle Bigler

Joanna Griffiths was at a Dunkin Donuts in Belmont, New Hampshire when an employee Kyle Bigler took her order. Later that day, she saw him walking down the side of the road.

It turns out he was heading to his other full-time job at a gas station. It was over eight miles away and he didn’t have a car. He told her he does it all the time. He works 20-hour shifts a couple of times a week, makes minimum wage at both jobs, and has to walk a total of 16 miles a day.

Even though he only makes minimum wage, Kyle refused to accept state or federal aid for his hardship, though he’d make more money collecting government aid.

After work, Joanna made a pit stop at a local convenience store and saw Kyle working behind the counter! It was clear the young man was holding down two jobs, but the reality of his work ethic was nigh unbelievable. She took to Facebook after hearing his story, and the result of her viral post will totally make your day.

“There are jobs everywhere you just have to look,” Kyle said. “I mean if it’s a problem with someone not having a vehicle, I mean I walk 8 miles.”

Joanna’s Facebook post was shared over 20,000 times and eventually reached the eyes of a local car dealership, Autoserv in Tilton, New Hampshire. Then comes the best part!

The dealership promptly gifted Kyle a 2005 Honda Accord, which he looks forward to driving as soon as he passes his driving test.

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Sarah Dalgie via TODAY, Joanna Griffiths via People

This humble, hardworking young man has been recognized by the community, with a gift he never thought possible. The smile on Kyle’s face says it all.

So while these stories might come across as heartwarming, indicative of the power of community and the American spirit, they are really indictments of a country that has the world’s largest economy but can’t promise a living wage.

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