• April 13, 2024

They Were Crying Racism For Their Flash Mob Getting Broken Up, But The Truth Is Actually Very….

A flash mob chose to dance down an aisle in a Target store, and when an employee called them out for allegedly violating a safety rule, they yelled that the clerk was racist.

As they marched down the aisle, the crowd danced to music. One of the dancers exclaimed, “Hey! If we all just start and multiple people record, they can’t block everyone.”

“This racist employee called the police on us for dancing in Target,” one of the dancers posted on X. “So we danced anyway.”

“I was so excited for us to film a quick flash mob at Target,” the person who posted the video on YouTube boasted. “But before we even walked through the door, this employee called the police on us for being on the property. At first he said we couldn’t film. But when we stopped filming, he still continued to kick us out, saying that we were a ‘safety violation,’ and that the police were on their way. So, we made the most of what we could. I couldn’t even remember the dance I came up with.”

“This moment for me was one that I really can not describe,” she wrote. “I tried to keep it together, but all I could focus on was all the beautiful brown faces I was able to bring together. That were able to stand in solidarity today. This is everything I stand for.”

Much of social media took the dancers to task, with comments such as these:

“Target isn’t your private dance studio.”

“Calling this racist dismisses legitimate racist moments. You didn’t have permission to dance in the Target and upset they didn’t let you do what you want.”

“What does race have anything to do with this? You guys were disrupting the entire store. Why didn’t you ask him if you could coordinate times? It’s just common courtesy.”

“This is sad and pathetic.”

“You know you’re wrong when accounts who’s main purpose on this app is to support and uplift blk women aren’t on your side.”

“Can we come to your house and do whatever we want?”

“When you don’t have racism you have to make up racism anywhere you can.”

This younger generation is an absolute embarrassment to the world.

The Daily Allegiant