• June 13, 2024

They Were Told “Just Let Him Rob You”, Their Counter Offer Was Absolutely Amazing…

A man attempted to rob a convenience store, but the owners of the store had other ideas.

A robber was seen robbing a 7-Eleven by stuffing tobacco goods into a garbage can he brought inside in a video that was released on Twitter on Wednesday. The store’s Sikh proprietors attempt to block him but are powerless to do so.

The bystander who was filming the incident continuously tells the two store owners “There ain’t nothing you can do” and advises them to “Ayy, just let him go,” pleading with them to helplessly watch as their business is robbed.

Instead, the owners declined and resolved the situation on their own.

As the would-be thief lay there wailing, one of the business owners grabbed him and pulled him to the ground. The other owner then got a large stick and began beating the offender repeatedly with it.

He probably won’t attempt to rob that store again, to put it mildly.

It’s not altogether shocking that this criminal was taken down by two Sikh men. They are from nations where robbers face the very real threat of being pursued by store owners.

On the other side, in the United States, we are instructed that in the name of the politically correct liberal orthodoxy, we must be “soft on crime” and allow criminals to take what they want.

Given that that is currently how America operates, it is not surprising that crime is on the rise all across the nation.

The truth is that telling people to simply stand by and not protect their homes and businesses when they are being robbed is completely absurd. People must be able to protect their property and selves from thugs.

At this time, it should be very evident that crime will increase as law enforcement is weakened.

Just ask the citizens of the cities where the left-leaning council members supported “Defunding the Police.” After comprehending the negative consequences, a few of them are now starting to regret it.

Contrary to popular belief, America was not established by allowing its inhabitants’ rights to be violated.

Anyone who has read up on the history of the American Revolution is aware that the British government’s infringement on colonial property rights was a contributing factor.

The fact that we are currently being told to merely stand by and allow criminals to get away with their crimes demonstrates how far we have fallen as a nation.

However, these business owners made an example out of the person who attempted to rob them, so it’s safe to say that their establishment won’t be the target of thieves anytime soon.

The Daily Allegiant