• September 23, 2023

They’re All Going to JAIL After What They Saw Growing On Her Body…

Three adult children were arrested and charged with serious bodily injury to their disabled mother who died from living in filthy and insect-infested conditions, resulting in a possibility of charges being elevated to murder.

In Texas, a tragic story has unfolded, where a 57-year-old disabled woman named Patricia Martinez, who was confined to her bed, passed away in a San Antonio hospital on Saturday. Her situation was dire, and her life could not be saved due to her living conditions. She relied on her three adult children to help her navigate the world and keep her safe.

Martinez’s three adult children did not do enough to protect her, and instead, left her to live in terrible conditions that became so bad that officials found mold growing on her body. Bexar County officials discovered Martinez stuck in her filthy home and took her to the hospital to receive medical care. Sheriff Javier Salazar shared that “It’s likely she’s going to pay with her life for their neglect… God have mercy on their souls when their time comes.”

Adult Protective Services (APS) alerted deputies to the woman’s condition, and they found her living in a living hell. She was surrounded by insects and mold, and her adult diaper was packed with feces in a dried state, causing infections. Martinez suffered from kidney failure as a result of the neglect she endured from her three adult children.

The three adult children who were responsible for her care, Oscar Dominguez, 37; Roxanna Carrero, 24; and Pedro Luis Carrero, 18, were all arrested and charged with injury to a disabled person with serious bodily injury. In Texas, these crimes are classified as first-degree felonies, and the bond was set at $85,000 for each of them. The investigation into the woman’s death is ongoing, and there is a possibility that the charges against her children could be elevated to murder.

Martinez’s children were supposed to administer her medication, feed her, and wash her, but they neglected her, causing mold to grow all over her body and leaving her to near-death in insect-infested conditions. She relied on them for her care, and they failed her. The sheriff shared that “it appeared none of them were doing what they were supposed to be doing.”

This story is heartbreaking, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of taking care of our loved ones, especially those who cannot take care of themselves. Neglecting someone who is disabled, vulnerable, and entirely dependent on you for their well-being is a crime, and it is essential to ensure that justice is served for Patricia Martinez.

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Sources: AWM, KENS5




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