• July 23, 2024

This Is Why People Are Starting To Blur Out Their Homes On Google Maps…

Ever entered your address into Google and been astonished to see your actual home? These days, all it takes is a fast online search to potentially violate your privacy, thanks to Google Maps.

A writer for “Did You Know Facts”, Trisha Leigh Zeigenhorn, said:

“While many people don’t spend much time worrying about the rapid advancement of technology, the impending apocalypse, and what it could mean for us personally, other people are concerned at the blase way many of us are treating a serious breakdown in personal privacy.

“To take pictures of the houses and other properties on the street, Google sends legions of people out into the streets of the United States and other countries. However, for those who value their privacy may feel exposed and out in the open, despite the fact that some industries, such as real estate, find this service to be quite helpful.”

Zeigenhorn writes for Did You Know Facts, “Those pictures, so you know, can offer views into bedroom windows and other spaces that could be used by less-than-savory folks – like stalkers or thieves – down the road.”

Well, thankfully, by following a few simple instructions that are provided below. You can blur out your property on Google. When Google Street View initially became a thing in 2007 and was immediately a controversial topic.

“Whether you’re worried about a stalker, value your privacy for other reasons,” Zeigenhorn said, “or just don’t like the idea of any random person on the internet being able to peer into your windows, there’s an easy solution.”

6 easy steps to blurring out your home’s photo on Google:

  1. Go to the Google Maps webpage and search for your home address.
  2. Enter into Street View mode. To do this, simply drag the small yellow icon in the bottom-right corner onto the map. Then, drop the icon in front of your house.
  3. Click the “Report a Problem” prompt, which is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. Center the red box on your home, and select “My Home” in the” Request Blurring” field.
  5. In the provided field, write your explanation for why you’re requesting to blur your house. You may simply want to express your concern about your family’s safety.
  6. Enter in your email address, and click “Submit.”

If you follow these instructions precisely, Google will email you to confirm that they have received your request, and your house will be permanently blurted out.

Claiming that you can also find interesting and odd photos captured by the Google Street View team, Zeigenhorn also recommends checking out the Street View Gallery on Google Maps.

She said, “From people dressed in chicken costumes to guys surfing down the street, you can find just about anything in the Street View Gallery. I recommend poking around and having a good laugh – it’s one of the many benefits of living in the age of technology.”

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