• April 13, 2024

This Muslim’s Demand Of A Restaurant Is Absolutely Beyond Laughable!

An anonymous letter was sent to a restaurant owner for naming her business “Greedy Pigs” which made a certain community feel offensive. But Shelly Harper, 45 insisted it was staying and everybody was welcome through her door.

The said letter has been shared over social media that caught a lot of attention.

Below is what the letter says:

“I am writing to you to inform you we as a whole community is extremely concerned about the name of your shop’s trade or the signboard. The name Greedy PIGS is extremely wrong, disgusting, shameful, and offensive to the passers-by and community.

“Please immediately change the name of your shop to something else which is not offensive. There is no need to call it Greedy Pigs.

“Use common sense. That’s not how you should be naming a shop. Not everyone in the communities believes in the same thing as you and not everyone agree nor appreciates silly shop names as the one you have put up outside your shop.”

It adds:

“So the first thing you need to do is change that stupid name from the shop’s signboard and get rid of the pictures of the pigs. Not everyone finds the name Greedy Pigs or the pictures of pigs to be pleasant and not everyone consumes pork and pig products.”

The community is demanding Harper to halal food products and go to great lengths to keep them separate from all other food. However, it concludes that Harper should “change the name of your shop’s sign immediately” because “it’s extremely offensive to the community.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

According to Harper, the said letter was the second letter in 16 months to make similar demands. She has since contacted the police and the incident is being looked into as a possible hate offense.

After receiving the letter the restaurant owner felt very upset for being called racist or Islamophobic purely based on the name of her diner. She further explained that she named the shop Greedy Pigs because it’s the nickname she gave to her partner. In the era of political correctness, Harper is worried that the unfounded accusation could soil her reputation.

She insisted that she welcomes anyone who wishes to dine in her restaurant and if someone may feel offended then they can choose to take their business elsewhere.

In the end she Harper won’t be changing the name of her restaurant and according to her everyone is entitled to their opinion but cannot force their beliefs on someone else.

Sources: Taphaps, Metro, The Telegraph & Argus

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