• April 14, 2024

This Trick For Mopping Floors Will Change House Cleaning Forever…

A British cleaning expert has shared a clever trick for getting sparkling floors every time you mop. Tanya, who works for the British National Health Service, has been gaining popularity on social media by sharing her cleaning hacks with followers.

Her recent video, posted on Facebook, shows her dipping her mop into a small bucket filled with cleaning solution and boiling water, which is then placed inside a larger bucket. As she wrings out the mop, the dirty water falls into the larger bucket, keeping the clean water free from contamination.

While some followers praised Tanya’s technique as a “mind-blowing” hack, others criticized it as “pointless” since the mop will inevitably become dirty once it touches the floor. Despite the mixed reactions, Tanya’s cleaning tips have become extremely popular online, including her use of frozen dish soap to clean oven racks.

Tanya’s video has been shared widely on social media and has garnered both applause and ridicule. One woman said that Tanya’s trick could actually change her life, while another commenter noted that Tanya’s method ensures that only clean water is used for cleaning.

However, some skeptics argued that the hack is pointless since the mop will become dirty after touching the floor and the dirty water will eventually end up in the clean water bucket.

Tanya has been sharing her cleaning tips on social media for several months, and her videos have become increasingly popular with those looking to keep their homes clean and tidy. She has gained a reputation as a cleaning guru and has become a go-to source for cleaning advice. Despite the mixed reactions to her latest hack, it’s clear that Tanya’s tips have struck a chord with many people, and her following continues to grow.

WATCH the video below:


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