• June 18, 2024

This Video Of A Russian Tank EXPLODING Is Absolutely Insane!

In a now-viral video that is going rounds on social media, RUSSIAN soldiers have been forced to flee their flaming tank as dramatic footage captured Ukrainian forces chasing them through a forest in the eastern regions.

After getting initially hit by Ukrainian artillery, the Russian crew of a T-72 tank decided to retreat but were then blown up by Ukraine’s 79th Air Assault Brigade.

I honestly admit this is one of the craziest videos I’ve seen from the war so far between Russia and Ukraine.

In an attempt to save themselves, the invaders abandoned the burning vehicle and hoped to hide in the nearby forest; they were unsuccessful.

Watch the intense video below:

What do we all think about this war video out of Ukraine? I think it’s just the latest example of the Ukrainians continuing to give the Russians absolute hell. Even though they’re outmatched against a much larger military with way more resources, the Ukrainians have continued to spill the blood of the enemy.

No matter how this war ends in Ukraine, you’re insane if you don’t respect the fight the Ukrainians have put up. They’ve managed to punch way above their weight. It’s been inspiring to see, and I think a lot of people around the world agree with my assessment.

Hoping they will continue to give Putin’s forces absolute hell until the bitter end!

Source: DailyCaller

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