• April 17, 2024

This Woman’s Explanation For Marrying A Gay Man Is Totally…

Marriage between a man and a woman is pretty traditional, common and doesn’t sound all that unusual in any way; however, marriage between a gay man and a straight woman raises some questions, like, why would they agree to marry each other? Are they happy? Do they regret their decision?

And yes they’re happily married with children!

Brynn Embley is happily married to Mathew Nielson and shares two lovely daughters, Amandine and Guinevere.

The 35-Year-Old from Ypsilanti, Michigan, describes herself as straight, while Mathew, 33, identifies as gay or pansexual, meaning he’s more attracted to men than women. The couple has been dating since 2017 and is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church.

In Mormonism, same-sex marriage is prohibited, which is strange for this couple as they both are involved in what they refer to as a mixed-orientation marriage, with a backstory as odd as it is beautiful.

Their love life started having spotted each other during a social gathering. The duo instantly felt a click, and it turned out they shared common interests. Also, they both expressed their love for books and Harry Potter and shared the same opinion on social issues.

“I’m not sure how, but we started talking about books. In that short conversation, I learned we both loved books, care a lot about gender and racial equity, and might enjoy getting to know each other more. He asked for my phone number, I gave it, and we parted ways.”

Their first date was a disaster. They were supposed to go out with a group of friends, but many people were unable to show up. Instead, Matthew’s close female friend was the only other person who showed up, and she “monopolized the conversation, talking about inside jokes and people only they knew.” The author felt that this girl was in love with Matthew, too.

However, he surprised her when he invited her out on a date with just the two of them.

During one of their lively dates, Mathew told Brynn he was gay, and surprisingly enough, she didn’t seem bothered.

Brynn clearly remembers the day because he appeared so intense when divulging this information while she didn’t find it that serious. She expressed: “It just wasn’t a huge deal, he was with me, his choice – what else mattered?”

The 35-year-old said she was already well aware that there was no passionate sexual chemistry between them, but this was not a deal-breaker.

They eventually tied the knot and had children together; Guinevere, who is one year old, and Amandine, two years old. Having never been with a man or woman sexually, the now-husband was worried that he wouldn’t enjoy intercourse with a lady.

However, Matthew stated:

“But that being said, we do enjoy having sex and being together in that way, which is a relief!”

Either way, the couple does not see this chemistry as vital to a relationship or marriage. Brynn believes that compatibility is much more critical in a serious relationship.

Since then, Matthew has also expanded on his sexuality, summing it up as pansexual yet more attracted to men. On top of that, the husband has explained that they are not attempting to force their relationship onto anyone, stating:

“We are not recommending that folks enter mixed-orientation marriages, just sharing ours.”

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