• July 23, 2024

Tough Blonde Girl Goes Viral After Her Performance In 7 on 7 Hooligan Fight

This girl just won’t back down…

Only in Russia.

Certain Russian football hooligans, have been found to hold secret auditions in the forest, where people must prove their worth to the movement. Generally split into two groups, the men run at each other and beat each other like a scene out of Game Of Thrones.

Usually within minutes, the majority of the group are beaten to the ground and left unconscious.

Known as “Ultras”, the hooligans promote violence and hatred.

The men are trained in hand to hand combat, so that they can incapacitate rival fans.

But incredible footage has emerged, where a female hooligan turned up to one of these organized brawls, in what appears to be an attempt to hide her identity with a beanie.

After literally having the sh*t kicked out of her by some loser who seems to keep finding her like a heat seeking missile, she proceeds to kick, punch and grapple her way all the way through the 8 minute fight (that we have edited down). At no point does she look like giving up.

Are these hooligan fights acceptable behavior? Absolutely not. Should the guys have stopped fighting her once they knew it was a girl? Probably. Is she an absolute bad ass regardless? YES! So let’s just enjoy it for what it is.

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