• April 14, 2024

TRAGIC: Three Marines Found Dead Near Camp Lejeune, Their Cause Of Death Has Been Ruled…

Three U.S. Marines were found dead at a North Carolina gas station on Sunday.

Officers from the Pender County Sheriff’s Office discovered the men inside a car parked just outside the station.

All three had reportedly died of carbon monoxide poisoning, according to Fox News.

Their names were Tanner J. Kaltenberge, 19; Merax C. Dockery, 23; and Ivan R. Garcia, 23.

All of them were lance corporals in the Marines.

Sheriff Alan Cutler released a statement regarding the incident on Wednesday.

“I am saddened by the timeless and tragic death of these three young men, who served our country honorably,” Cutler said, according to Fox.

“Our thoughts and prayers remain with their families and colleagues during this time.”

According to The New York Times reporting on the incident, Sgt. Chester Ward of the Pender County Sheriff’s Office claimed the three men “did not appear to have died by suicide.”

The Marines were motor vehicle operators stationed out of the military base Camp Lejeune, which is located roughly an hour away from where the bodies were found.

Camp Lejeune commanding general Brig. Gen. Michael E. McWilliams offered his condolences to the family via a statement, according to the Times.

“Our focus is providing the necessary resources and support to those impacted by their tragic loss, as they navigate this extremely difficult time,” McWilliams said.

Many reacted to the news on social media, sharing their perspective on the strange deaths.


“People have driven older cars as long as they have existed. Why would you stop to sleep that close to base?” one Twitter user wrote regarding the story.

“As a local, it’s another 50 minutes or so from where they were to get there,” another user claimed.

“This news serves as a stark reminder for everyone to ensure the proper maintenance of vehicles and to be vigilant about carbon monoxide sources in closed spaces,” another user wrote.



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