• May 23, 2024

Trump Demands Appeals Over ‘Odor of Mendacity’ Lingering in Fani’s Case

(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Former President Donald Trump’s defense team in Fulton County has filed a motion demanding an “immediate review” of the judge’s contentious ruling against disqualifying Fani Willis and dismissing the case entirely, following bombshell revelations. 

The Trump defense’s action follows Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling that Willis’s sexual affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade created an “odor of mendacity” that tainted the case.

Although McAfee delivered a scathing rebuke of Willis’s actions, he stopped short of dismissing the case or disqualifying her.

McAfee asserted that either Willis or Wade needed to withdraw from the case due to the appearance of impropriety, leading to Wade’s resignation from the case. However, Trump contends that Wade’s resignation isn’t sufficient, insisting that the “odor of mendacity” persists.

Steve Sadow, lead defense counsel for the former president and presidential front-runner, stated on Monday that Trump and other co-defendants are urging scrutiny of the decision. 

“President Trump and seven defendants have jointly filed a motion requesting the Court to grant a certificate of immediate review of its Order denying dismissal of the case and disqualification of Fulton County DA Willis,” wrote the defense team on behalf of Trump in the motion. 

They further elaborated, “The motion further notes that the Court found Georgia case law lacks controlling precedent for the standard for disqualification of a prosecuting attorney for forensic misconduct. For these reasons among others, the Court’s Order is ripe for pretrial appellate review.” 

If McAfee agrees, Georgia’s Court of Appeals will decide whether to review McAfee’s decision about Willis’s resignation or the case’s dismissal.

Media outlets reported that Trump and his co-defendants currently lack the ability to appeal McAfee’s decision. 

The case originated from Willis’s decision to press charges against Trump and 18 other co-defendants in what she described as an illegal attempt to challenge the election results in Georgia. 

The case became embroiled in controversy after revelations emerged that Willis had taken several vacations funded by Wade while both were leading the criminal case against Trump. 


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