• June 19, 2024

Trump Won? Order to Cease and Desist? Birx Arrested? Banks Closed? NESARA Activated? (Video)

So many crazy things have been happening, that we may not know half of it. Things are happening beneath the surface and could be the following: a cease and desist order on all vax per President Trump? Med Beds coming to all states!!! NESARA/GESARA being activated right now! Birx arrested, Fauci on the run?

Here’s what’s discussed, assassination attempts; Arizona Flips? Georgia stolen ballets; Food shortage? Russia Gold standard; Tribunals; CDC and WHO owned by BP; There have been 50 Assassination attempts at President Trump.

There was an assassination attempt against Luchenko.

May be a Twitter screenshot of 2 people and text that says 'U.S. Military Arrests Dr. Deborah Birx Saturday, May 29, 2021 15:15 495 Shares f'


Putin found out, they grounded the airplane and arrested them off the plane! Bank of America ATM’s down! QFS!!!! Look up your Birth Certificate online and see how much they made off your Birth Certificate. Food shortage? Many countries are Gold Backed!

Tribunals at the White House and an Island in Argentina!

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