• June 12, 2024

Tucker Carlson Posted A Video To Twitter That Ended Up To Be A HUGE Victory…

A renegade news host shakes up the media landscape by launching an unfiltered show on Twitter, taking aim at the censorship and manipulation rampant in mainstream news outlets.

In a jaw-dropping turn of events that has likely sent Fox News executives into a tailspin, Tucker Carlson, their former star host, has taken to Twitter to announce a new “show” he’ll be launching on the platform. This announcement follows Carlson’s firing from the network, a move that has left fans and viewers feeling betrayed and stunned.

Carlson first took to Twitter earlier this month to make a public statement regarding his termination. He used the opportunity to expose corruption within the cable news industry, as well as detailing instances of self-censorship and disinformation spread by the network. This revealing video has since been viewed over 94 million times by more than 24 million people, making it an undeniable viral sensation.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Carlson posted a second video this week which has already amassed an impressive 120 million views. This massive viewership surely sends a clear message to Fox News executives that Tucker’s fans have followed him off the network, indicating a potential colossal loss of viewership for Fox.

The firing of Carlson came just a few hours before CNN also parted ways with long-time host Don Lemon. Both Carlson and Lemon have secured the services of high-power industry legal representation from Bryan Freedman, suggesting a possible upcoming legal battle against their former networks.

Fox News made the controversial decision to take Carlson off the air following a whopping $787.5 million defamation settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. Many have speculated that this settlement was the straw that broke the camel’s back, although there are also whispers that it was Carlson’s coverage of hot-button topics like the January 6th Capitol riot that made Fox executives uncomfortable. The host himself has suggested that the real reason behind his firing was the Murdoch family’s plan to sell the network.

Carlson’s first video to his supporters was a rallying cry, encouraging them to continue fighting and promising that they would hear from him soon. He spoke about stepping outside the “noise” of the TV debates, calling them “completely irrelevant” and meaningless. He confidently predicted that in five years, we won’t even remember these debates, despite his participation in them.

In his follow-up video, Carlson announced his plans to move to Twitter, where he will be hosting a show in the coming weeks. He made a pointed remark about the lack of platforms that truly allow free speech, dubbing Twitter as the last one standing. He argued that without the freedom to speak one’s truth, a society cannot be truly free, and criticized mainstream news outlets for their limits on what can be said. He claimed that these limits define everything, and expressed his disdain for the system.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk responded to Carlson’s announcement, clarifying that no special deal has been signed with Carlson. Musk emphasized that Carlson is subject to the same rules and rewards as all content creators on the platform, which includes subscriptions and advertising revenue share, which are based on the number of subscribers and advertising views associated with the content.

The saga of Tucker Carlson’s firing and subsequent Twitter takeover is a stark reminder of the gatekeeping and manipulation that takes place within mainstream media. It’s a wake-up call to viewers that the information they receive is often censored and controlled, and it’s a bold move by a figure who refuses to be silenced.

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Source: Conservativebrief

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