• July 13, 2024

TWO High School Athletes Collapsed And DIED On The Same Day…

On Tuesday, two high school teenagers from different states were playing basketball when both collapsed and shockingly died during their respective basketball games.

According to reports one of them was from Texas a sophomore named Devonte Mumphrey and the other one was from Illinois Cameran Wheatley who was a senior. Mumphrey and Wheatley both tragically died while playing the game that they love.

To think that these students die while playing the game that they adore is not normal and this will never be normal.

Mumphrey, who attended Alto High School, was named All-District 22-2A Newcomer of the Year in 2021.

According to the Tyler Morning Telegraph reports:

Family members say an Alto High School sophomore who collapsed during a basketball game Tuesday night and later died was a “kid who touched everybody.”

His cousin on Wednesday identified Devonte Mumphrey as the player who died during a home Yellowjackets basketball game, and she said he loved sports, and his family and friends.

“You couldn’t have met a better kid,” said Jessica Hackney, who referred to her cousin as Vonte. “He had respect. I never saw him with an attitude.”

Hackney said her cousin played basketball, football, and baseball but that basketball was “his greatest love.”

The same night Mumphrey collapsed, nearly one thousand miles away, Bremen High School’s Cameran Wheatley also fell onto the court and was later pronounced dead.

Parent Heart Watch also reported:

Cameran Wheatley was a senior at Bremen High School.

The 17-year old was on the basketball team, which traveled to Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences Tuesday for a game. It was there when tragedy struck.

Wheatley collapsed and had to be transported to Christ Hospital, with an EMT performing CPR, but he later died. Students said they found out what happened from their teachers Wednesday.

“He worked hard at basketball. I feel bad for him cause he’s only 17,” said Joey Chicocki, a student.

Administrators with the school said they are working with Wheatley’s family, students and staff. Bremen’s principal issued this statement.

“We are extremely saddened by the loss of our student-athlete. He has been a great role-model in every sense and he will be missed,” the statement said, in part.

Another report from ABC 7 Chicago said:

Wheatley’s father said his son had a clean bill of health and had played different sports for nearly 10 years. Cameran was the middle of three kids, with a younger sibling at Bremen.

Hugo Silva, one of Cameran’s friends remembered him and said “You could always go up to him, say hi to him, ask him how he was, how are you feeling. He was always there for you if you needed him as well, and I will miss him.”

Watch it here: WGN/Youtube

A report from Infowars also noted:

The teens’ vaccination statuses are unknown, and autopsy reports have yet to be released.

However, healthy athletes don’t often collapse and die, and cases of this happening have been increasing since the experimental vaccine rollout began.

All sports enthusiast knows that a young and healthy athlete is impossible to collapse and die that instant.

I played basketball throughout my youth and not once recall witnessing an event like the two tragedies mentioned in this report.

This is gut-wrenching and will NEVER be normal.

This type of heartbreaking story shouldn’t be normalized and these psychopaths who kept on insisting that it’s normal should be stopped now.

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