• July 17, 2024

What Fox News Just Said About Biden May Explain Everything!

For quite some time people have speculated that the Joe Biden that we see in the media is not actually the real Joe Biden, and I tend to agree.

I get people that change as they get older, it is a natural process. Things that used to be all perky and tight, begin to sag and become less tight.

However, the basic structure of someone stays intact, right?

I mean if you started with attached ear lobes you don’t just get unattached ear lobes. The structure inside your ear doesn’t change, the color of your eyes, your hairline, all of that doesn’t change.

Though when you look at Joe Biden, somehow he is defying it all, and I do not think that he is some medical marvel.

I mean he looks “prettier”, and “softer” now, right?

The questions are endless of what is happening with Biden and it is not just us either noticing it. Tucker Carlson has noticed it too and had this to say on his show.

Tucker Carlson just said about 5 different ways that Joe Biden no longer exists.

Was he speaking just metaphorically?

Maybe but who knows really.

Are we all watching a movie? Is anything we are seeing actually real?

I am not saying it is one or the other but I just report what I am seeing and you all decide what it is.

Though this isn’t the first time that Tucker has said this and Tucker chooses his words very carefully and he chose a lot of them here.

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